Feng Shui

The Dao Of Feng Shui

Studying Chinese metaphysics subjects without understanding the philosophy behind it only makes us hollow in life that only lead a person to a satanic path. Thus why the saying goes Success Without Fulfillment. Many people may appear successful but deep inside its hollow.

I found this posting which I find it meaningful from A friend, Raymmnd Goh and let me share with you the posting and how it is relevant in the study of Feng Shui. 

1) “做人要像铜钱一样,外圆内方”
– Zuò Rén Yaò Xiàng Tóng Qián Yí Yàng ,Waì Yuán Neì Fāng
– A person must be like ancient Chinese old copper coin, inside square (upright) and outside round (tactful).

( In the old days of ancient China, Chinese coins has a square hole inside and round on the outside but today most coins if not all are only Round. Square represents the people. Thus a person must be upright in their character or mind(inside) while at the same time we must be tactful and flexible when dealing with people (outside).

It is not different in today’s Feng Shui world, most looks promising or motivating on the outside but hollow inside. Hollow in both substance & virtues. Using scare tactics, selling untested or fake knowledge, giving false hopes or even “attacking” own students in fear of business rivalry.

I have heard of masters who takes a large fees from students but in some parts deliberately mislead to safe guard the real knowledge for their future heir.

Of course such information will never appear in their Facebook or Websites. What ever we do should be upright at least in our hearts first. Thus to be in this industry, it is important to cultivate the right views and understanding on the importance of the impact of our work to the lives of others, then we may find success with fulfillment. It is not about our personal ego or for the glamour of the job but rather to be responsible for our advises. Surely, we are not god thus we do not need to play god like be able to help all in this world or knows all but rather believe we can help someone at least and same time do not harm others because of our wrong advises.

There are many practitioners who have left the industry as far as for the ones I know for various reason but mostly unknown reason. I salute some of them for their courage and honesty.

2) 叶问始终不肯挂牌开武馆,原因是“功夫不是鲍鱼,不是你想买就能买到”
– Gong fu bushi baoyu, bushi ni xiang mai jiu neng mai dao
– His reasons for not opening an official school
“Martial art is not abalone, it can’t be bought whenever you want” .

The art of real feng shui chooses his students. Sometimes its the universe who chooses and sometimes the master chooses. How it works is complicated but the hidden forces will choose who will inherit the real art of Feng Shui. Even if I were to tell this to a crowd of 100 only a handful will believe me. The others will find a reason to disbelieve. I have watched this happening year after year. It is no wonder people are beginning doubt the studies in some school to the point they had to resort to going into spiritual path to gain business.

Many are still searching for the truth, hopping from schools to schools offering new imperial feng shui “secrets “. Nonetheless, it keeps the economy Rolling . The reality is very simple but not always easily acceptable. Perhaps after 10 years of searching, may they find light at the end of the tunnel.

To pay for a class, to many rich students this is probably is not a big obstacle but it does not guarantee they will find the right Master who is able to effectively pass you the knowledge. This is where the magic of money doesn’t always work but the field of accumulated good virtues.

3) “人家说徒弟找到好师傅难,其实师傅找个好徒弟更难”
– Renjia shuo tudi zhao dao hao shifu nan, qishi shifu zhao ge hao tudi geng nan
– To find a good master is difficult but to find a good disciple is even harder.

Having said this, finding a good student is really not easy either. A good student is not only who not only able to pick up the skills but also one with good character. I have numerous Times turned down people because I find they are not of credible character. Real feng shui skills should only be passed on to good character people & serious in the subject too so the real art will not be abused. Real masters have the moral responsibility to pass on right person.

Over the time, many fake feng shui method were created in fear of the real art is passed to the wrong person. The irony is always this, when a lie told too many times will eventually become the truth. This is because people tend to believe that if every one is saying the same thing, likely that is the correct answer. This was the ancient way. From my own observation, Heaven does its part too.

If too many people keep saying this is a Horse, in years to come this deer Will become a horse.

Also to find a student who is loyal to a school of learning is very hard because today people have this “something to lose” mentality but this “loyal” trait is very important to see long term results. Feng Shui is always been a longer term results but modern times when life is a pressure cooker, people are expecting miracles.

Thus the reason why many who have learned Feng Shui has not been very successful or the repeatability is low. Repeatability here means using the same method, it works for 1-2 cases but the rest. Sounds familiar?

Final conclusion is that its harder for a teacher to find a good student that for a student to find a good master. Thus why in terms of percentage not many schools produces very good students that is capable in helping others.

If you follow the 3 above rules, you will not be a rich or famous Feng Shui master, don’t you think? Do you still want to be a real Feng Shui master ?