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Bedroom Feng Shui

Bedroom is where we spent most of our resting time. Thus the Feng Shui for bedrooms is pretty important yet there are too many taboos for the bedroom Feng shui.

bedroom-feng shui

Ranging from cross beams above the bed to sleeping with the head backing the windows or even head towards the wall with a stove behind which are all considered as bad Feng Shui bedroom layout.

These are based on what is known as Internal Feng Shui. They used external land form methods and improvised it to layout the internal of a house and call it house Feng shui. Thus it is then migrated this technique for used for the bedroom. However this not how one would practice it in real Feng Shui methods because external land form deals with mountains, hills, lakes and rivers.

Because bedroom is used primarily for husband and wife although nowadays is it used for many different type of relationships, the old days one of its purpose is meant to promote harmony among husband and wife and thus in modern application it is also used as Feng shui for love.

The famous modern application to enhance the Feng shui for love is to place a pair of mandarin ducks to promote the loving affection between couples. For those who are still single, this lucky item is meant to help them find their prince charming or princess charming.

mandarin ducks

Mandarin ducks to the Chinese, is a customary believe because mandarin ducks are loyal and loving pair that swims together and are deeply affectionate towards each other. Due to this reason, they are always chosen as a symbol of good marriage, loving couple for a long time and even having many off-springs. Thus in all traditional Chinese wedding, you will surely see them on blankets or pillow case or as ornaments and gifts.

mandaring duck wedding blanket

The use of mandarin ducks and overly concerned about the internal Feng shui without understanding how the energy or what type of energy that is prevailing in the bedroom is not going to produce long term tangible results.

Bedroom Feng Shui is the traditional way is about the art of placing the bed to tap the auspicious energy to benefit a person. This can be done to fulfill a wish for better harmony, better sleep, finding a life partner or even bearing a child.

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This is because Feng shui is about energy and only the Feng shui master will know where the good energy is coming and how one can channel it to the person’s benefit.

Why would a pair of husband and wife over years of sleeping together instead of loving each other more gets drifted apart? There could be many reasons but bad bedroom Feng shui is one of the contributing factor.

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