Sheng Ji, Yin zhai feng shui

Yin Feng Shui Series – Making of A President

Ms Tsai Ing Wen, the new president of Taiwan was said to have benefited from the ancestral Feng Shui or Burial Feng Shui. In Feng Shui terminology, it is known as Yin House Feng Shui 陰宅風水. It is called Yin because it is Feng Shui for the deceased & buried under the ground.

This video is a documentary about the history of the parents Feng Shui and some description about the land forms in Mandarin. Her father was a car mechanic and became very rich after his father passed away and had the Feng Shui done by a Feng Shui Master back then in Taiwan.

This is one of the many stories of people enhancing their life with proper Yin Feng Shui done. The land selection criteria is very important in Yin Feng Shui & this is the key to the success of a Yin Feng Shui formation.

Her father’s grave was once planted as a Life Grave or known as 種生基, which later was converted to a Grave after his demise. It was all done with the hope to help the daughter to be someone great in life. You can see very strong Mountain Qi surrounding this tomb.

To credit all this to Yin Feng Shui is also not realistic because Ms Tsai’s destiny chart (bazi) also showed that her favorable period is now (ie 2016 compared to the period in 2012). This is because her Bazi Astrology chart suggest she changed her luck cycle in 2013. She was the presidential candidate in 2012 but lost to Ma Ying Jiu. She staged a comeback and won this time.

However, without strong support from Feng Shui, to stand running for the post of president is undeniably a difficult task for an opposition party. One needs a lot of courage and emotional strength to do so. The dragon Qi is to help in this endeavor.

We can say that it is a combination of factors from good timing in the destiny, support from yin feng shui as well as personal hard work had helped her secured the win over the long ruling Kuomintang in Taiwan.