Superstitious Star In Bazi

I guess there is some amount of superstition in us, some has more while some to a lesser degree. Cambridge dictionary defines superstition as “belief that is not based on human reasoning or scientific knowledge”.

Superstition is something common in all cultures, some has more while some lesser. Chinese in particular has very strong rooting in superstition beliefs and throughout the centuries it has become so part of us that today it becomes so hard to differentiate between, culture, religion and the art of Chinese metaphysics studies. For example, the symbol of Taiji is primarily used in Daoism as well as in I-Ching studies. If one looks at it from the I-Ching angle, then it is just a symbol with a profound meaning behind. However many people confused themselves that Chinese metaphysics is related to Daoism.


Is there a Superstitious Star in Bazi?

Today I would like to discuss a little about the Bazi of Nina Wang. Nina after her death, her lover Tony Chan was sued in court in Hong Kong by her siblings because they believe that Tony has faked the will. Indeed, the court found him guilty and he was sentenced to 12 years in prison.

What was interesting is that Tony claimed to be a Feng Shui master and during the proceeding, he revealed how he knew Nina and how they have fall in love and the level of intimacy just to win the case and claim all her wealth. Later it was found that he is not a true Feng Shui master but rather a Mix art practitioner. Tony engaged famous master Joseph Yu of Canada as expert witness while Nina’s siblings engaged Master SzeTo Fa Zhen (司徒法正) as their expert witness.

TonyChan via telegraph
Tony Chan via
Note: a mix art practitioner practices mixed Daoist rituals, cultural beliefs, Chinese metaphysics etc.

In fact Nina has given him HKD300 million before her demise. Well, greediness has it’s rightful place, in prison.

Superstition will always has it roots in people because human has wants, desperation and regrets and wanted to find a quick solution to their problems or to fulfill that want or desperation. If one understands the meaning of life and the concept of destiny in the pure metaphysical way, this kind of practices will diminish.Nina came to know Tony because she was devastated by the loss of her beloved husband Teddy.

Teddy was kidnapped twice but was released after the ransom was paid in the first kidnap. However, the 2nd kidnap he did not return when the kidnap plan went wrong. Until today, it seems that his body is still not found.

Tony is said to be able to trace the where about of Teddy though his special “Feng Shui” abilities and this has lead them to know each other. Tony is a flamboyant guy who managed to capture the heart of Nina. You may read more in the link below.

In the study of Bazi, how can we tell if a person has affinity to superstition? There are many angles to look at it. Some practitioner will say that people with strong earth and fire elements is usually superstitious , some others say  from the Resource gods and so what is my view?


Nina Wang Bazi

Indeed her chart has earth and fire elements and especially strong in earth but the resource god (fire element) is also present as in Ding () element.

Nina is Ji Day Master born in the Rooster month. Gui is her wealth star prominent which is also why she is able to be Asia richest woman.

First and foremost, Nina’s chart is said to be bad for the husband star which means affinity with husband is low. However, she cannot accept this outcome because she is too in love with her husband Teddy. They were childhood friends.

Secondly, her chart lacks one important element which is the Bing Fire. The absence of Bing () makes her chart cold and this translate to being unhappy and/or emotionally less stable.  It could mean lacking of warmth in her life thus whoever could provide this “warmth” wins her heart.

Understanding our Bazi is very important but what’s more important is to be able to accept things as they are, look at the positive side of it and move on.

What has past shall never return, pick ourselves up and move on for there are many more things for us to do and yet to discover. Life is journey and the past is like a photo, just memories in a frame meant to be hung on the wall.

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