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The Existence Of 2 Flying Star Schools

Many think that there is only one knowledge of Flying Star. This happens primarily it has been propagated by Celebrity Masters to be this way. The fact remains Flying Star is more than what they have told you.

To explain the 2 schools of Flying Star that is prevailing today, first we have to go back to the beginning how it all come about.

The fact that only in the Qing Dynasty (1644 – 1911) to be revealed this secret means that many people believe that the Xuan Kong Feng Shui is a relatively new technique but the concept of flying star existed way back in the Yuan Dynasty. It was sighted in a ancient calendar (almanac) from Yuan Dynasty. Perhaps it existed much earlier!

Chinese Dynasty

In 1873, Shen-Zhu Ren, a rich businessman went to the city of Wu-Xi in Jiangsu to learn from Zhang Zhong Shan but Zhang Zhong Shan refused to teach Shen because he is not a family relative.

After a while Shen Zhu Ren offered to pay a lot of money to the relative of Zhang, to view the manuscript which contained explanations and experiences of teacher Zhang Zhong Shan.

After he have paid a large sum of money, Shen Zhu Ren was given permission to view the manuscript for only 2 days, after which it was meant to return the book.

He secretly he copied the manuscript and for many years after he tried to understand what he had copied without getting great results initially.

When he thought he had found some answers via his own understanding and 2-3 years of experimenting with houses and he began to tie the dots together with his son and published their findings in the book called Shen Shi Xuan Kong Xue.(Shen way of Xuan Kong Study) or in Chinese 沈氏玄空學.

This book made Flying Star accessible to the public. In fact in the early nineties in Hong Kong not many masters even know Flying Stars. Mostly they were practicing either the 8 Mansion, San He or Jiang Hu styled Feng Shui.

Shen has brought to the world of Feng Shui an opportunity for lay people to learn the highly effective Flying Star Feng Shui. Many modern masters without lineage has used this book as reference and followed the foot steps of Shen i.e. reading, deducing the meaning themselves and experimented here and there and later roll out to teach courses and give consultation. In fact more than 90% of the source of flying star outside today is from Shen.

He also has done harm at the same time to mankind as well to Feng Shui community…to be continued

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