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Personal Feng Shui

What is personal feng shui or is there such thing as one?

I believe in Feng Shui and that it really works but it is not magic. Why? Magic works instantly where as Feng Shui takes time to accumulate and timing to show it’s effect.

Feng Shui can be divided into Yang Feng Shui or Feng Shui of the House and Yin Feng Shui or Feng Shui of the deceased. Which ever it is, the work on the same principal of location, direction and timing.

Now you see this 3rd term call Personal Feng Shui. What am I trying to get the message across?

Many times during consultation I have encountered these and I am sure you will too experience some of them.


1. They buy something and wear and it works!

2. They hang up a picture or number plaque and it works!

3. Activate with a flower at certain sector of the house and it works!

4. You have a bazi consultation and no matter what the person seems not to listen or keeping some facts away from you.

5. After a lengthy conversation you find the person is full of negative energy that really drains you even though sincerely you try to motivate this person.

6. After a consultation the master says that wearing Red will prosper him and after wearing red for a while, things seems to go smoother.

What many does not know or realize it is the power of the mind that was working in the background. Though it is not directly linked to Qi but still it is a form of energy. I believe it works or blend well into metaphysics.

Believe me or not, con man does a fantastic job at this level and so as top sales person. It the same skill or energy but applied with different intentions.

So if it works on the positive side of the mind, then things works! and when this energy is stuck with a negative person, this person always wonder why their life sucks and always filled with bad luck. What they did not realized is that they possesses the negative mind energy. As long they carry this negative energy they will always be bad luck.

Coming back to the situation where Feng Shui goodies that works, sadly, if you follow them long enough, those “it works!” is usually a short term thing because the strength came from the mind and not really a feng shui job. Still many like to link it to feng shui and hence coined it Symbolic Feng Shui.

The fundamental mechanism working behind is called the Law of Attraction. Have you ever heard of the book called “The Secret” ? What your mind attracts is what you get! If you think this ring is going to prosper you, you are actually sending positive vibes out so you get positive things back but the catch is, it works for as long as you think in this way. The day you start doubting that ring’s effectiveness, then the effect no longer stays.

I still remember a story Master Leyau told me before about Shao Yung an ancient YiJing Master, which demonstrates that the Law of Attraction already exists even back then!

Feng Shui usually works slowly and for long term, regardless whether you believe or not, it will happen. The only question is “Will you notice it or otherwise?”.

Don’t easily believe that putting things works, it is just the good work of our mind. Nonetheless, always stay positive for you will attract positive things.

The Buddha said:

It is wrong to think that misfortunes come from the east or from the west; they originate within one’s own mind. Therefore, it is foolish to guard against misfortunes from the external world and leave the inner mind uncontrolled.

I hope you take home some Personal Feng Shui tips today! If you agree, please like my post.

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