Sheng Ji (生基)

Sheng Ji Feng Shui 种生基风水

News Update: Jan 2023

These plots available only to non-existing clients in Wood Snake 乙巳 Year, 2025. On planting on an auspicious date

News Update: Jan 2022

1st November 2021, Master redo a Sheng Ji which was planted 2011. Over the last 10 years this Sheng Ji has brought a lot of financial problems as well as sickness that required a major operation in 2017.

After the changes in just 2 months the owner has report improved health in the sense that he can sleep through the night without going to the toilet 2-3 times despite being weak in health due to the wrong Sheng Ji done in 2011. Owner also reported some small financial improvements over the past 2 months and this can be felt. Son also report he can feel father’s confidence level is gaining momentum. Before he became less and less confident resulting in many things not successful and wrong decisions made that lead to wealth losses.

New updates in Feb 2022. The female benefactor has strike lottery 3 times one of which is a 1st prize. One of the lawsuit has been dropped by the plaintiff. One less headache to face.

If you have a Sheng Ji problem, you may reach us for help by the form below. We may not take up every case but we will evaluate case to case basis for it’s merit.

Another Sheng Ji case in 22 February 2022, 卯 hour.

Auspicious date and hour to start the reconstruction.

After the positive result from the 1st Sheng ji reconstruction, today we started the 2nd unit that the owner has been eagerly waiting to resolve his problems that has been accumulated since many years of under the effects of the current bad Sheng Ji. Just like a dragon leading a ray of hope emerging from the dark clouds, an auspicious image has emerged from the sky on the chosen hour….Stay tuned for more updates as we progress.

July 2022

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Updates July 2022: We are in the midst of securing a good Feng shui land for Sheng Ji purposes.


sheng ji 种生基

Once I thought Formal Education was important but it did not yield much results, only later I realized that Emotional Intelligence was more important, life was more blessed but now reaching my older age, I realized that Luck is the missing secret ingredient to a person’s success. Knowing this was like rain falling onto a dessert.

Thus Improve the Luck factor, Destiny will be altered and the road to success is a much pleasant road to travel.


Auspicious Sheng Ji Land (風水生基吉地)

The art of Sheng Ji came from Unique Feng Shui technique. It all started in the Imperial palace when Guo Pu published his findings in the book of Burial during Jin Dynasty. Guo Pu found out that by getting the right energy from the land via what we know as the Dragon, one can use it to help change or improve one’s destiny or luck.

This is the reason why Emperors used it. They have such heavy responsibilities, on top of the constant threat from his family to topple him if he is weak. This why they will need health, longevity, authority and wealth luck to govern such a huge empire. Where else can one get it, if it is not in our destiny? The answer is either from our ancestors Feng Shui or Sheng ji.

This tradition has been carried down to even today. Where there is Chinese, this tradition carries on. In Thailand it is known as ‘เจ่าอุ่ง’ (Cèā xùng) or in Hong Kong/Taiwan/Malaysia/Singapore as 種生基.

Along the years, many variations of doing Sheng Ji have surfaced but not many maintained the traditional way of doing Sheng Ji like us. Most of them has incorporated the use of talisman. Some are having the Sheng Ji in altars just like a columbarium, above the ground. These are not our method and not in accordance to Imperial Standards of doing Sheng Ji.

The traditional method involves a very dedicated study of the landform like where the dragons are coming, how they embrace, their shape, the waters, their respective flows etc to decide the best spot we call Xue 穴 or the Dragon’s cave. Then the master needs to know how deep to dig and construct the internal chambers. This is the same as how the imperial tombs were constructed but only in a smaller scale. All these are the art or skill of the master to located maximum Dragon’s Qi. Finally using a precision Luopan, the master aligns the stone plate for best benefits. The stone is like our satellite dish to direction the good energy to the Sheng Ji.

There is no taboo about Sheng Ji. The main objective is to tap the auspicious Dragon’s Qi to help improve our Luck over time. It’s like having an octane booster fuel for our car. This is proven since after a year since our planting (Aug 2017), all clients have reported good feedback.

The key strength of this Xue 穴 spot is the incoming dragon Qi is strong and vibrant, receiving good forms prospering health, improving descendant luck, wealth opportunities as well overall good relations with others leading to smoother life. It is no surprise our clients have inform us of their good progress.

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How did it come about? Feng Shui started with burial or also known as Ancestral Feng Shui (陰宅風水). Burial is the way of using earth’s internal energies 地气 (Qi) to benefit their descendants. This similar to a real burial that past Imperial masters have done for the Emperors. Emperors have vast lands and often have to deal with massive internal fighting/plots as well as external threats from neighboring countries. Hence, they used Sheng Ji to help them hold on to power as well to bring in good health & longevity. Ancestral Feng Shui uses the power of Qi from the mountains and waters to help growth energy to benefit both Human factors (health, descendants luck, marriage etc) and Wealth factors. It may be a difficult concept to explain here so it is best to attend the seminar so I can better illustrate it.

It has nothing to do with magic and it is no taboo. It’s just one form of feng shui.
The term Feng shui originated from the Book of Burial authored by Master GuoPu. This books is considered the reference for the art of Feng shui. So Feng shui has its origin from burial Feng shui since this entire book has dedicated to the subject of proper burial to benefit their descendants. If one do not believe in Yin Feng Shui & professes he is a Feng Shui practitioner, be warned.


What is the Purpose of a Sheng Ji 生基?
The purpose of Sheng Ji is tap the internal earth energies to help us in our quest for health 人丁, descendant luck, money, promotion, educational achievements, authority and marriage or also known as human luck. Some have illness after having done their Sheng Ji sees quicker recovery and in some cases able to have full recovery.
While it is not a magical thing, Sheng Ji works like a turbo charger to give your car that boost. Some have bad ancestral grave but same time cannot do anything about it due family objections can also use Sheng Ji to help them apart from having a good house Feng Shui. Basically it helps to enhance our luck.
How does it connect to me so that I benefit from it?
Sheng Ji works in nature’s way that it can recognize it’s descendants, even they live far, they can still receive the benefits. Universal energies transcend boundary. Attend one of our seminar to understand it better since we shall explain the mechanism in greater detail.

Just to add on, many people think that Sheng Ji can offer miracles in a short time but Sheng Ji is just like any feng shui it needs time and the longer it goes the better it gets.

Also, if your house feng shui is bad, it can negate the good effects of the Sheng ji.

What determines a good Sheng Ji 生基?

Feng Shui is always about land forms. The contours of hills or mountain ranges as well as the flow of rivers and streams will determine the auspiciousness of the land. The quality of the soil is also very important. However, not many masters can really pick a good piece of land. It is easy to theorize on land forms but to apply it is a different ball game altogether. Do you notice that many masters talks about land forms yet not clear about Mountain Dragons? This is because to talk about it is very easy, but to produce the results, you need a good lineage master to do it.
Thus proper selection of land is vital.
ShengJi 1
I see many ways of doing Sheng Ji. How are they different?
There are few ways of doing Sheng Ji. Some are the traditional way which is purely from the Feng shui point of view as what we practice. Some are using purely prayers for 49 days while most are a mix of both. Some using recitals and talisman and some does Sheng Ji on columbarium and temples. Usually these methods only give placebo effects since they do not have the component of earth’s energy 地气 or dragon’s qi 龙气. Some uses the Dragon Turtle Stone (龙龟). However these methods do not conform to Traditional way of Sheng ji as practiced by the Imperial Feng Shui masters of the past.
How is Sheng Ji Feng Shui different from House Feng Shui?
House Feng Shui is important to living people but it benefits only from External Qi but Sheng Ji has both External & Internal Qi. The effects is a little different between both of them.
To enjoy good Feng Shui, both House and Sheng Ji is important. If house Feng shui is not in good formation, then the effects will negate the Sheng Ji effects.
Benefits of Sheng Ji
It uses the massive land forms of hills and waters surrounding it to channel the Qi into the Sheng Ji and this Qi reacting with our DNA 基因, transmit these energies back to us to reshape our destiny. It’s a little complicated process to most people. That is also why Chinese always say, first destiny, second luck and third Feng Shui. This is a typical case of using Feng Shui to help reshape our Destiny. The Qi from the Dragon is powerful and works it’s way to alter the energy composition of our original Destiny over the years. In the Far East, Emperors, ministers, tycoon, actors, presidents all uses them to assist them to achieve their goals.
It is scary!, It is like burying myself!.
I think this is because in Chinese culture, death is taboo. Thus Chinese dislike 4 because 4 in most Chinese dialects sounds like death. But in most modern places like Singapore, Hong Kong and growing trend in Taiwan and Malaysia, there is not much land and thus most people in high rise buildings. There are a lot of limitations in terms what can be done in their house feng shui. Thus Sheng Ji is a good alternative to buffer the bad house feng shui or tries improve it further the human luck. What ever is scary it’s just psychology. Ask our clients, they will know its importance and there are no worries.
Who should or can do a Sheng Ji?
In general, anyone can plant a Sheng Ji but I would generally recommend to those who are going through very bad luck that could cause death. I have seen a few cases of bad Bazi (八字) luck cycle did not make it pass the 10 year luck cycle (大运). If they have planted a Sheng Ji maybe they may pass through the bad luck period.
Are all Land the same?
No, just like no human are born the same, not all land have the same properties. Some are more beneficial for health and descendant luck while other lands are more suitable for wealth, promotion and so forth. However, a good land only come once, because seldom you can find the same land formation twice. Be clear what you want to achieve.
Having said this, usually the land will have a few benefits such as longevity, wealth, promotions, good relationships etc but one of them maybe usually stronger. This is what I mean.
5 color soil

Soil of good colour & texture

I have seen some using Talisman and need to recite prayers, is this necessary? No, that is probably they have mixed it using Taoism or perhaps to exaggerate the process. Feng Shui is non religious and we do not need to use talisman to “initiate” the Sheng Ji, a proper date selection is good enough. Then we let the natural process to take into effect. This is the traditional real Feng Shui method.
How much is the investment?
It all depends on the quality of the soil, the land forms, location, single or double plots and location of the site (land price) & if it is in a memorial park, it is subjected to the fees the memorial park charges.
I am interested but what are the possibilities?
There are 2 ways of doing it.
First way, the owner buys the land after the land selection audit and later Master will do the Sheng Ji and stone plate alignment.
Second alternative, is to purchase per-defined Sheng Ji land already audited and established by the Master. This is much more cost effective and yet achieve the objective of good Feng shui. Now there are plots introduced at 5’x10′ specifically for Sheng Ji purposes.
How long before I can see the benefits?
It depends, anything from few months. Remember, Feng Shui is Qi accumulation, not some magic trick. The better part is that the good effects stays for many years.
If you really have observed and do some research, all tycoons that attributed their success to the help of Sheng Ji, are typically hard working and action orientated people and their wealth was accumulated through out the years.
So there is no one fix answer but depends on what you do, the industry you are in, your Bazi capacity, house Feng Shui etc makes the variations.
Some will see some results in weeks, some in months and this is a good sign because it is working to help us build and accumulate the effects.
Who should do Sheng Ji?
Depending what do you need. It can be for better health, better money opportunity, better authoritative position, academic success, promotion chances, Male descendant luck or couples who wants children but have difficulty to conceive.
Do it early because it will need some time to accumulate the good energy.
Do I have to take care of it?
No you don’t have to do anything after it is done. The memorial park will maintain the park.

Sorry our land has been sold out.
Sheng Ji Q&A:
If you have questions on Sheng Ji, you may post your questions here. Where possible, our masters will answer and repost it back with the answer below.


Note: Information provided is only partly complete. For complete information, contact us or attend our seminar.
We keep the information of our clients to the strictest level of confidentiality. Each client is given a plot number so that outsider will not know who’s Sheng Ji. On the tomb stone no names will be engraved.No names or feedback will be shared here. All feedback are for master’s compilation only.

Malaysia Sheng Ji Services 马来西亚种生基

My service is to understand your needs and wants and select a plot that is suitable to your needs and wants since we have identified a few sites. Owner will have to deal with the memorial park for to secure the plot. We will arrange the Feng Shui Master will perform the setting of the tomb and Sheng Ji box and later setting the tomb stone. We will also check if the works are done correctly in accordance to our requirement, after build by the memorial park.


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