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Neck Pain Gone!

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Here is a case done few months ago for a client. This client previously had another Feng Shui master done the house, thus it is a re-audit case.

There is a long history to this case but just I want to keep this posting short. I just want to emphasize a few points:

1. Real Feng Shui is about long term trend and not just a one off spike of event.

2. Good Feng Shui is not always about money. There is the money part to this case but I do not want to talk about money today simply because I think health is more important. Without good health, all the money in the world is meaningless.

3. This client thought all the while it was due to age catching up or sleeping position or even the pillow. They have bought a few good pillows but did not help ease the pain. Feng Shui is energy, not some spiritual or magical practice. Change the Energy, Change the Results!

4. How much will you pay a doctor to get rid of the pain? How much will you pay for a good night sleep so that you perform better tomorrow or get less easily agitated with your spouse, children, staff etc ?

2 thoughts on “Neck Pain Gone!”

  1. Master alan,can you pls. Be kind at least to give us an idea of the fengshui adjustments. My wife has thrombocytosis and the stove
    Is in the NE with the controls facing south,for lack of space we can only limit to thks sector and direction. Can you pls. Respond if a remote FS can help her and the compensation. Thankmyou. Remember me as the buyer of your compass. Philippines.


    1. Feng Shui is a set of solution that ties in many things and not just one thing or factor.
      Remote I have concerns because the house degree cannot be ascertain accurately if I am not there to measure with the Luopan. This is a real concern. Wrong degree can lead to wrong diagnosis and solution.
      FS if done correctly the returns is always worth it and more than the cost of it.
      Compass? I can’t recall if I sell compass in PH. I need to refresh on this .😀


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