Flying Star Feng Shui Practical Day

Here is a glimpse of the study tour for our signature Feng Shui class. Any Feng Shui class is not complete without practical training because this is a hands on subject.

After students have gone through this class, they come to understand few important points about the truth in Feng Shui, what and why some properties do well and some don’t despite being Feng Shuied by famous masters.

The public has been so misinformed all the while about what is truly Feng Shui. They have been drowned in their chasing only material well being thus why some were badly bruised after seeking a Feng Shui Consult.

There are real Feng Shui knowledge out there, you just need to accumulate enough good Karma to find it.

Student Testimonial & Experience

I had a great time learning from master Alan. This is really the place to learn authentic feng shui. It seems all his classes are very structured and methodical, so the students can follow easily along. The field trip was great and I gained valuable first hand experience. Also, the culinary excursion during the lunch breaks never disappoint – the food was soo tasty. Thanks 🙏🏽 so much again Master Alan! – Pin, USA

I attended Art of Destiny’s Flying Stars course and in these four days of training I was pleasantly amazed by the depth of knowledge & materials taught by Master Alan Chong. Prior to joining this class, I was pursuing my interest in the subject of Feng Shui through books, short courses & workshops, any materials that I could get my hands on. Somehow while I was pursuing gallantly on my interest, I developed more questions than understanding on the subject. There are many materials out there that doesn’t make sense and most were even contradictory adding to the confusion. Out of this frustration, I decided to look for professional master to study under, and after perusing several profiles & schools, Master Alan’s Art of Destiny school stood out among the rest.

By reading his blog Fengshuimechanics, I got to know more about the things that only those who practice Feng Shui in a professional could know. And it opened my eyes to the various schools and techniques of Feng Shui and the importance of lineage knowledge in this subject. The many comparative theories & debunking of popular myths were impressive, not to mention the application nuances in contemporary context vis-à-vis the olden days when the art was first founded, displayed in logical sequences & details. I finally got the means & opportunity and enrolled in this class, and from the get go I was astonished by the materials presented.

At the end of the classed I was totally convinced that this is how Feng Shui was originally practiced by the founding fathers in the most authentic manner. This is no exaggeration as Master Alan demonstrated how the logical constraints of the pre-modernization era actually contrasted the way we practice Feng Shui today through what we are able to get from modern practitioners & the public domain. There are secrets that were propagated through lineage transmission and it is via serendipitous affinity that I got to gain access to this precious knowledge from Master Alan’s teachings. There are many schools of Feng Shui expounding many techniques and layers of applications. And I have read many things and even experienced real life situations observing masters at work. Master Alan’s school propagates the San Yuan school exclusively and the San Yuan Flying Stars is the at the central of the San Yuan techniques of application. However, do not be misled by the name Flying Stars.

What Master Alan teaches is not merely some run of the mill, popularised version of this school, but a most potent, and I believe it’s the only pure untainted Flying Stars system named the Wu Chang lineage Flying Stars School, which is a complete Feng Shui system in itself for Yang dwellings. The teachings are based on actual classics written by the founding fathers of Feng Shui and only passed on through bloodlines of the lineage holders. The theories and applications were consistent throughout, and substantiated not only by the classical texts, but also the numerous real-life case studies given to us for practice during class. There were no grey areas or doubts when applying it – the diagnosis is clear and accurate and in remedial or setting up mechanisms, it flows flawlessly from ancient Chinese houses & palaces to a myriad of contemporary buildings such as low & high rise residentials, business premises, offices, retail spaces, shopping complexes, factories, plants & even developments of considerable scale. This has given me the clarity I had sought all this while and all my doubts & uncertainties were answered.

In practicing what I learned from Master Alan, no more shall I have to stop and think or guess, and I can perform an audit with full confidence, regardless of high rises, odd shaped buildings, even uncertainties of building periods. To be able to perform a good audit, we should not be intimidated by these things, and Master Alan’s Flying Stars school provides the precision to manipulate living spaces & landform observation, all for the betterment of the denizens’ lives.

With this I express my heartfelt gratitude to Master Alan for his diligence & commitment in training me up to such a dignified level. The following saying resonates with my experience in learning from Master Alan :- “Sometimes the greatest clarity is found not by learning anything new but by getting rid of the old.” I’m glad I embraced this. My only complaint is that I didn’t enroll in this class earlier! – Jan, Malaysia, formerly San He Student.

Hi master Alan Chong, after I attended your course, i understand very well & will know how to apply on it. During your class I immediately know the answer of some cases that goes wrong. You explain & conducted very well. Thank you Master Alan chong.

JHong, Malaysia

More to come as they come in….

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