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Feng Shui Question – Aquariums

People always associate water with Feng Shui, or most Feng Shui courses will always say activate with water Feng Shui fountains for wealth.

If you have been to an aquarium shop to shop for fishes and other equipment, you will notice that the shop has water all over the place, so how does that measure up? Wouldn’t this makes the best Feng Shui formation?

I have also seen some houses where it is surrounded by water ponds or fountains.

I have known one particular school has a simple way of doing Feng Shui that is to find the timely stars and then put a big fountain to activate wealth. Sometimes this solution backfires after a while.

Once a client told me his previous master, activating a fountain one of the director had a heart attack. 2nd activation, the same director had 2nd heart attack.

The question to the general public or perhaps you are some follower of some Feng Shui schools, if this is true, why not the Pet shop selling fishes makes the most money since they have so much water in all sectors of their shop?

Think for a moment especially in the current times where Feng Shui is highly proliferated, the more important is for us to differentiate the true from the fakes.

Real Feng Shui knowledge understands why….