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Yin Feng Shui Wealth Effects

4 years ago, I was invited to witness the work of a master revered much by this sales person. She said highly of this master, how he can guess the surname of the family by looking at the grave etc.

The sales person requested me to do an audit and let her know my findings. Reluctantly I just did a rough audit on the land forms and looking at the how the Grave was layout and my mini geomancy compass, I produced the following conclusion.

The reason she asked me to do this is due to an earlier reason, which I will blog about it in the next article.

I mentioned the descendants of this grave, the wealth will have difficulty to multiply and will face problems in the longer run. Upon hearing this the sales person seemed upset. She said after the demise and burial of this person, the following year the share price of this public listed company soared. It’s kind of rebutting me. Well….

I didn’t really bothered about it as it was not of my real concern since my aim for that day was to look for a suitable burial plot for a client.

Years After

Done in 2011

Then someday not long ago, while searching for a public listed company, I chanced upon the company that the family was involve in, so I decided to take a look at the share performance of this company.

Could not get 2012/13 but the net profit is not progressing upwards but rather swinging up and down.

If you look at the chart, yes indeed the following year the share price did soar (2012). Of course the wealth of the family is in some way tied to the share price since the net worth is a product of share price and quantity of shares.

The share performance some how was swinging up down and since 2018 it fell below the price before the demise of the father and never recovered thus far.

The Other Company

Comparison of same time of a Real Good Feng Shui

To help you understand Feng Shui effects better, perhaps I can compare another company’s share performance. This company is owned by a tycoon whom I have audited his family grave before and in my opinion is good many years ago at the invitation of another Feng Shui master.

To be fair to both, lets take the same period to compare. As you can see the chart is more progressive on the whole time period. The wealth of this person will also grow progressively over the same period.

Even there was a dip (2013), it was shallow and had a quick rebound.

Comparatively, this company net profit is more consistent and even showing a uptrend.

What Is Feng Shui Effects?

To sum up the above, in reality, life can never be smooth all the time but with good Feng Shui, life can have an opportunity to progress up to its limit just like a cup that has the chance to fill up to the brim.

From 2011 to 2021, its been like 10 years and you can see the company performance and why the old adage saying Feng Shui masters can bluff you 8 to 10 years has its meaning found here. Well it is not literally the master wants to cheat you. Its just a saying that the Feng Shui result will show after 8 to 10 years. Those days things grow more slowly thus it will take a longer time to see the actual result.

It proves a few points here:

  • Why Feng Shui is expensive because if done wrongly it can lead to bankruptcy.
  • Feng Shui is expensive because your earnings can be many fold if done correctly.
  • Feng Shui grows over TIME.
  • Why Feng Shui as I said many times is a Trend and not a spike of one or two events.
  • Positive Feng Shui result is both true knowledge and skill of the master.
  • Feng Shui has significant bearing on our daily lives.
  • Yin Feng Shui is part of Feng Shui, if some masters tells you it just a Chinese customs, beware!