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Is there such thing as Feng Shui Wealth Corner?

I was once asked by a client, “Master, where is my house wealth corner, so I may locate my desk? In fact he asked me a few times because he was surprised, I did not do what the following video.

Digi did a very good advertisement for the year’s Chinese New Year that captured the hearts of many. In this commercial the “master” shouted “Wong Wai” which means wealth corner but in Chinese “Wong” 旺 as in prosperity has the close pronunciation as Yellow 黄.

It’s a fallacy of modern Feng Shui. Folks tend to think that Feng Shui master has magical pair of eyes that can see energy. I’m not a ghost buster. These are just good show man ship to make one feel better in parting with their money for the fake feng shui master a.k.a Jiang Hu or Folklore masters.

A real feng shui consultant, after measuring with the Luopan (Geomancer’s compass) will already be able to tell where are the direction of good qi that will be entering the house. Then all one has to do is to locate the Qi mouth to capture the auspicious energy.

Luopan taiwan
Luopan or Geomancer’s Compass

The act in going around with the Luopan is just to find a reason to tell you why the house feng shui is good or bad. Same time of course is to stretch time so the owner feels it’s effort well worth paying! All these are low value sales techniques.

At the same time for the owner, especially the more superstitious one, will think the master has super natural powers. Come on, get real!

The value of a good authentic Feng Shui master is not how long or how many rounds he goes around the house. It is his ability to get long term results both financial as well as human well being aspects.

Feng Shui is a art of harnessing good energy. It is not some hocus pocus art of spirituality in nature. I was not surprised that the previous consult did not produced long term positive results.

My humble advice to prospecting clients are; be clear what is your purpose in looking for a Feng Shui master. If one is looking for spiritual master, then you may find one in the temple. If you are serious about getting long term good energy, you know when to find one!