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Rendezvous…walking the dragon…


 After a tiring day walking the dragon with Sifu we finally found our “Meridian Spot” at the Rendezvous…

Come Follow Me !

Why? After a long walk with Sifu searching for the Dragon Veins…I have learnt so much about landforms that I could never imagined…how to spot the Dragon Veins, what is really Green Dragon and White Tiger and how to tell real the genuine Dragon and Tiger from the fake…and now I know being a feng shui master needs a pair of strong legs. I sometimes wonder how many mountains must a man walk before you really call him a Master?

Used to be I have always felt eerie at grave sites but today’s trip has changed my perceptions totally. It was a tranquil and peaceful walk. Maybe thats why people says RIP…

I am sure most feng shui enthusiast must have heard about The Book Of Burial saying “Qi brought by the wind and gathers at the boundary of water“….haha…now I truly understand deeply how to apply it…used to be I thought I knew all about this simple phrase but I was wrong! Thanks to Sifu I have gone 1 level up! And how best to end a great day…Wow…a day but many lessons learnt…


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