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Feng Shui for Bedroom

Many posts have been written about bedroom feng shui. Why is there so much writen about the bedroom?

This is because the word bedroom is very much linked to romance or as a resting place?.


In feng shui practice, bedroom is about resting and reproduction and so it has great influence on the overall house feng shui.

How can a bedroom affect the overall house feng shui? This is simple list of possibilities:

1. Ability to conceive (assuming medically the couple is fit for purpose)

2. Human relationship

3. Health

There have been many tips given ranging from avoiding mirror, using color, use of essential oils, candles, placement of bed according to forms and structure of the building and many more.

Once someone asked me, ‘is it true that bedroom has to lights off or can i have small light on?’ . Well first you need to understand yourself is can you sleep with a light on? Personally, I find it difficult but my friends cannot sleep in total darkness. This is not the point of concern actually. Depending on the type of energy in the room, the master or consultant will decide if it is better to have lights on and if yes where is the best to locate it.

Occasionally, I do get questions like “do i put a mandarin duck to enhance the romance?” Well you can try but personally I do not subscribe to this theory for result.  Classical Feng Shui is more about formulas on space and time.

The basic thing a bout a bedroom is that it first has to be comfortable and clean.

Remember, the most important thing about bedroom feng shui is finding a energy location and sleep in there. This is my advice for DIY beginners.

As for a Feng shui consultant, we do look more than this level. One of the key thing that we will look for is where is that room located in the house. Then the rest sets in.

Cheers and wish you a good nite sleep!  Sincerely….the fengshui mechanic

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