Feng Shui

San Yuan & San He what is the big fuss?

There has been a constant debate who is better?  For Feng shui enthusiast that goes around reading blogs and forums around the globe, some of you will find both schools debating which is better school and to some extent criticizing the other schools.

So now you can see the nature of man creeps in even in the world of feng shui.

My view is that both schools has its own roots and advantages. San He is the oldest school of Feng Shui founded by Yang Yun Song and also produced many great Feng Shui Masters like Lai Bu Yi. They are based on the formation of landforms of Hills and Rivers and uses different sets of formulas.

San Yuan school came later and was founded by Jiang Da Hong. Jiang Da Hong was a imperial astrologer and San Yuan school came from the observation of stars and sun movement. San Yuan feng shui takes after the formation of stars like the big ursa etc.

So they are simply 2 approaches with the same objective. Feng shui undeniably is the art of tapping of good Qi for the benefit of mankind.  So why bother which method?

Here is a saying from Chairman Mao, Black cat or White cat doesn’t matter what is important is the cat must be able to catch the mouse.

As a feng shui practitioner, what is important is challenging ourselves to harness the best results for clients and not waste time in forums criticizing other school’s method.

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