Feng Shui

Water Sha From Drain Water?


Feng Shui has been always associated with Water and no doubt it is. Shui 水 in Chinese literally mean water. Water can affect us since it is a vital Qi carrier and activator. In Feng Shui, water is usually associated with wealth of a house. Hence most feng shui master uses water features to help clients activate wealth in the house.

At the same time, I have also meet cases where water features who was supposed to bring wealth to the family, brough accidents and loss of wealth at a very fast rate too.

Thus when water moves, it creates Qi that could either prosper or destroy a house. The question is how does one knows if the water will do good or bad? It all lies in the skill of the feng shui master if he could make the Golden Dragon move or not. If the Dragon can move then the house will be wealthy and rich. On the other hand if the dragon does not move or moves in the wrong direction, then disaster spells.

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