Introduction To Luo Pan 罗盘

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Thus far I have never blogged about Luo Pan, the Feng Shui Master’s most important tool. How could I left it out for so long! Smiley shy

To understand Luo Pan, it is best to look at it’s history and origins. While the history of it is non conclusive nevertheless, it will be interesting to know.

Luo Pan – How did it come about?

Tradition holds that Huangdi 皇帝 reigned from 2697 to 2597 or 2698 to 2598 BC Huangdi’s cult was particularly prominent in the late Warring States and early Han period, when he was portrayed as the originator of the centralized state, a cosmic ruler, and a patron of esoteric arts.

Legend has it that Huangdi, credited as being the founder of the Chinese nation, lived in a magnificent palace in the Kunlun Mountains.

There was also at this time another tribal leader, Chi You 蚩尤, who was skilled at making weapons and waging war. He attacked the tribe of Yandi, driving them into the lands of Huangdi. Huangdi was angered by this and went to war with Yandi, initially suffering several defeats. Chi You has some magical skills and they can conjured up a thick fog to confused Huangdi’s army. Huangdi was in the verge of giving up and he prayed to heaven for help. In the legend, the heaven send the Goddess of The Nine Heavens to help Huangdi. She gave Huangdi a tool called the south-pointing chariot to find their way and they were ultimately victorious.

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South Pointing Chariot

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