Is There A Way To Improve Destiny Luck?

What is the difference between a successful person and the less fortunate one? There are many who works hard, waking up early and back home late at night and yet cannot make ends meet. There are those who attend many motivation course, NLP courses, learn share investing and property investing and yet still struggling to have savings?

There are people whom does not work hard, stays on high position, some who simply buy and simply sell becomes rich in property. There are those who does not even pass SPM (O levels) and yet very successful in business.

Ever wonder why? Well you may say lack of opportunity is the reason but then why others are offered the opportunity while you are not while some always meet with petty people (xiao ren).

There are many in the same industry but some does exceptionally well, some average and some have gone bust. One may say they have not had the skills or experience, yet I have seen many industry veteran had their business going into difficulties.

So what stands in between a billionaire and a middles class executive? Why are there so many bookstores but not many that is till today close to Amazon? Why there is not a near competition to Microsoft? What makes Obama a president? Because he has good public speaking skills? Why Leonardo Di Caprio only had a chance in Oscar after missing 6 nominations since 1993?

Have you ever experienced that you have a good feeling when meeting for the first time or someone you had the dislike feeling when you first meet him or her? These are all due to energy.

Chinese have long address this problem by first understanding the mechanism behind what causes such phenomena. They have classified the outcome of our lives influences into a few category below in descending order:

1. Destiny – this the blueprint of what we will be able to achieve in this life. It includes where we are born, who are our parents, our ability to meet nobleman, being rich, healthy, will we experience a divorce, be a great cook, a general, scientist, scholar, being popular and many more. When something is missing in our destiny, say for instance wealth, one can attend all motivation courses by the gurus of the industry, yet one will not achieve his desire results. Perhaps a short success but in the end loses it all again.

2. Luck – Luck moves in a cyclical manner. Thus no one person is good luck all their life and vice versa is true. The key is to know when one is in good luck so he or she may charge forward. When one is in low luck cycle, should be more cautious, learn to be more patient & tolerant while keeping a positive outlook.

3. Feng Shui – is one the most effective method to alter one’s destiny. It basically uses the earth’s energy or Qi to help us live a better and smoother life. Ancient sages have found this method to alter our energy or Qi. Feng shui has many categories from Yin Feng Shui, to House Feng Shui and our office Feng Shui too.

4. Human Actions – we can also use our human actions such accumulating good deeds, learning up new skills, building up a good reputation, working hard, being honest, better discipline, improve eating habits, etc. This is possible but will take time and a lot of perseverance.

All this is happening because the energy in us or the energy that make us up is not supportive of us in meeting what we want, may it be richer, healthier, meeting the right mentor, finding a soulmate, a more harmonious marriage, better study grades, promotion, better authority in company or organization etc.

So to alter destiny there are a few methods. Through understanding our destiny we make full use of our strengths, compensate our weaknesses, know when we should run and when we should rest. Using good human actions, we can slowly built and improve the hard and soft skills. We can improve our house Feng shui to better support us and not hold us back. We can also use Sheng Ji method to further enhance our luck or when a house feng shui is not feasible.

Every component is important and each of them adds on to our betterment. But before we push forward using good human actions or to acquire new skills or going into new ventures, we should first enhance the beneficial destiny energy in us. With the help of these beneficial energies, one will be able to attract new customers, open new opportunities, recruit better staffs, smoother operations and such.