Center of Excellence in the Study of Xuan Kong Flying Star 玄空飞星

Led by CAFS Certified Instructor, Alan Chong

I would like to invite you and friends to come for this course by CAFS as originally taught by Grand Master Francis Leyau. Grand Master Francis is one of the most sought after Master for both Yin and Yang Feng Shui. Central Academy of Feng Shui was born out of passion and comes with a proven lineage dated back to the early 20th century. This program has been designed for both seasoned and newbies who are serious to acquire the authentic art of Feng Shui to allow you to built & implement a good and effective feng shui houses for you and your future clients. You will be engaged in course works, hands-on learning and intensive discussions from case studies handed down by our 2nd Generation Grand Master Yen Pen.

Uncertainties in the current global economy and we often hear or seen it  that circumstances driving families to edge of breakdown, divorces, health issues, failing business due to bad decisions, broken partnerships are some of the common issues that needs serious attention. Feng Shui has been known for generations to have helped people, families, businesses to arbritrate and soften issues and ride the bad times. The question is of course have you got the real feng shui knowledge that don’t only work off and on. Nonetheless, I have to admit it takes affinity and good karma to find the right schools. I have seen many students in ‘pain’ to know of their frustration after paying hefty fees only to know that it does not work all the time. Feng Shui is not meant to work like flipping the coins and see how many heads you get! Sure you will get a few heads! Is this what you want for you and your clients?

At CAFS…Same Syllabus, Different Depth…

In this program, you will learn the correct way to confidently read and built a good feng shui house that is balanced and harmonious and yet enjoy prosperity. Understand the correct fundamentals of feng shui is all about. Without this proper understanding, you will never be able to built a good feng shui house that can withstand the test time. At best you will be guessing what went right and what went wrong. You will discover how to what actually effects a house feng shui, why people with good bazi in good luck period can have accidents, death, divorce etc. Additionally, you can tap on our Grandmaster’s rich experience when you are part of the lineage. Differentiate what are myths, fakes and what is genuine in San Yuan Flying Star Feng Shui. You will also be actively engaged in discussions, case studies and advance concepts as you progress. At the end of the 4 days course, you will learn how to design & execute a correct, effective, proven and strong feng shui premises in accordance to what you aspire for in life.

 Be different, Be a Pro…

This is a Real Life Case…Click to read further.

Key Program Highlights:

  • Gain proper Understanding of integrating Landforms to Flying Star System. Not just the presence of Mountains and Water.
  • Discover the critical points in building a good feng shui the real Wu Chang Flying Star way. Not just by putting water feature where the Water Star 8 is. It is much more than that.
  • Established methodologies developed by years of lineage and Master Francis Leyau 30+ years field experience and various projects for both Yin and Yang Feng shui both locally and abroad.
  • How to remedy a house by special methods such as door tilting and many more.
  • Strengthen you understanding of the basics from Early Heaven Bagua, Later Heaven Bagua, Derivation of the 81 combination, compartmentalization of house, the real understanding of how, when and what will happen in a house.
  • Clearly know when a lamp post is Sha when it is not, why some business in T-junction flourish and why some failed.
  • How to built a strong protective Feng Shui to avoid disasters even before the purchase.
  • One pure system of Feng Shui! No mix matching. Mix Matching is for those who cannot find answers using 1 system.

Who Should Attend?

For serious Feng Shui practitioners whether you are fresh or seasoned practitioner who seriously wants to make a difference to their own and other’s life. If you just want some quick fix method, this is not the course for you, you maybe better to join the celebrity styled express courses.

Course Requirements

Ruler, Highlighter, 3 colours of pen, an attentive & open mind and a sincere heart.

Course Fees

RM6000 / student (Full Course) & RM6600 if by Progressive way. Click to Read On.

To reserve your seats, please email

Location – Kuala Lumpur.


  • How Fuxi derived the Early Heaven Bagua and what is the significance of it.
  • Learning what each Trigram represents the easy way. No need to memorise. Apply true Yi Jing studies.
  • Also learn the real meaning of what Qian represents in family membership & etc.
  • Learn how Later Heaven was derived so this correct understanding can steer you in the correct path of feng shui practice.
  • Plot 24 mountains on the Loupan and understand why it is arranged in this sequence.
  • What is the real meaning of Green Dragon & White Tiger you so often hear about.
  • How to plot flying star chart without software & do it fast.
  • All Key feng Shui Terms;  Combo 10, Zhen Shen & Ling Shen, 4 Formation of Houses.
  • What is the significance of a house having San Ban Gua?
  • Learn what is the meaning of Fan Yin and Fu Yin and is it really Bad House?
  • Learn how to correctly apply the Replacement Star method.
  • Hetu
  • When you need a 7 star Robbery Formation?
  • Learn the correct application of Imprisonment of star and no longer need to break the walls.
  • Castle gate formation and Castle gate theory. So many versions but which is correct according to Wu Chang Lineage?
  • How to choose a house based on city landforms to have strong feng shui results?
  • What is San Sha, Sui Po and 5 Yellow?.
  • Learn the correct understanding of these 3 killing forces.
  • Are we not to renovate on the San Sha Sector? If this understanding is correct, then we will never finish our renovation because every day we have San Sha too.
  • Learn how to choose a good Loupan.
  • Learn when do you consider  a line as Void line and if it is in Void what will happen. Usually there are 3 major events to happen but which one is likely to happen?
  • Most school teaches 32 void lines but in Pure San Yuan system, there are more than 32. Be here to know where are they.
  • Understand the rings in a San Yuan Luopan.
  • What will happen when one meets a Void Line?
  • What is the correct way to handle a luopan and take consistent reading.
  • External site visits.
  • Theory of Compartment. 1 room 1 Qi.
  • Theory of house facing – House, Buildings and Condominiums
  • Other Feng Shui techniques unique to Wu Chang that distinguishes the effectiveness.
  •  “81 combinations”, learn the correct & easy way to remember all 81 combinations.
  • Internal Case study & applications.

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We look forward to welcoming you at this program.


Alan Chong

CAFS Consultant

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