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Case of The Li Family Ancestral Hall

This is a case shared by a San He master, Wu Yi Mi from China. Very good video and well narrated in both Chinese (Cantonese) and has English subtitle. Here is the video he made and commented. Very generous of him indeed spending his time and money into making this for everyone to learn and see.

I will not narrate more on the history and background of this ancestral hall but rather comment on the Flying Star Feng Shui point of view on this ancestral hall done by a very famous master Lai Bu Yi back in the Southern Song dynasty Era.

Flying Star Feng Shui System – A San Yuan Prodigy

Over the years I have written numerous articles on Flying star a system which I am well versed in. Unfortunately for various reasons, F star has been also criticized. Partly was due to commercial reasons and partly due to poor understanding and depth in this system.

A Point Worth Mentioning

The water flow direction is important in San He water methods. He observed that sometimes the flow seems to be from left to right while other times right to left thus using this method will have limitations.

However, in San Yuan or Flying Star system this is not necessary since San Yuan system focus more on the body of water rather than the flow direction of water. As you may see from the Flying Star chart below, it is not easy to interpret if you do not have the depth in Flying star system.

Flying Star Chart of Li Ancestral House

Three Yuan Undefeated – The Analysis From Flying Star Classics

This ancestral hall is known as San Yuan Bu Bai 三元不败格局 or Three Yuan Undefeated. 3 Yuan is equivalent to 180 years. For a Feng Shui to last 180 years is already a superb feat. This ancestral hall has produced 5 进士, 27 举人 and 80 秀才. (Note: 秀才 is the top of imperial scholars, 进士 is the imperial scholar while 举人 are the provincial scholar.)

The analysis can be in depth as to why wealth factor as well descendants factor is favourable that lead to so many of them being scholars. Today I will not discuss about the San Yuan Bu Bai formation or else I will reveal too much….hahaha.

What is interesting that I just want to share here is, why there this place can produce scholar is because of this: In one of the San Yuan classics, it was said 木入坎宮, 鳳池生貴 which is very true in this case that it can produce Smart, Capable and well known descendants. Feng 鳳 means sign of virtue, harmony, and prosperity and capable of ascension to heaven. 貴 is nobility. Nobility means fame, person of good virtues, respected and wealth. Thus the phrase 鳳池生貴 means the Phoenix lake grows nobility.

(It is also worth noting that in the old days ancient values nobility over wealth, our modern benchmark of success.)

Moral Of The Story

Feng Shui take time to produce results but if done correctly, it does produce good results that don’t just last 3 months but cumulative in it’s growth. What is more important is what precedes the good Feng Shui.

Li Su was recognized by the emperor for his filial piety towards his mother and thus to honour his filial piety, he received the help of Royal Feng Shui master Lai Bu Yi 赖布衣 to select and plan out this ancestral hall. As we learn in Feng Shui classics it has been written down, good karma people finds good master while the opposite is also true. Thus the first step to change your future luck is to first accumulate good deeds, then heaven will “send” you the right master. If not all will fall into vain.

Students who met lousy teachers and subsequently got worse off applying their method is also a sort of karmic retribution. Nothing happens for no reasons. They are all interconnected in some ways.

I hope this real story helps to open your minds and horizon.