Good Bye 2011 & Welcome Happy 2012

2011 has been a great year for both myself on a personal capacity and CAFS too.

We had all the courses successfully completed with satisfaction and we also had our Taiwan Feng Shui Excursion. Master Francis also lead delegations to several Feng Shui Conference in this region and including Taiwan.

Then we had Master Dennis Lai successfully predicted the current President of Singapore when odds are against the then candidate Mr Tony Tan.

There has been also forumers critizing CAFS especially on Master Tan Yang Wu, Master Hong Chuan and Master Francis Leyau in various ways. What most of them don’t know is our method of feng shui which has proven over many cases and have been speculating but the inner story has never been let out from the circle of students. Because our knowledge and theirs is different and also because many cannot understand our methodology has caused this misunderstanding. Different Frequencies. 🙂

Anyway, there will always be critisms where ever you maybe or do….Let them be. CAFS will continue to spread Wu Chang Feng Shui to genuinely interested students.

As for coming 2012, CAFS will have China Feng Shui Excursion while for me another level in my career. I would like to Wish All Readers a wonderful 2012 and I would like to share this message:


When Life is low, don’t be despaired, look for a star for when there is hope, happiness is in the making…

Alternative Look for Flying Stars for the Stars had made my life better and I am sure it will make your day too…Which star you would like to wish for?

4 thoughts on “Good Bye 2011 & Welcome Happy 2012”

  1. Talking about the stars, should I focus on the area in my house where the Star#9 sits? I am a gua 9 born person. This year base on your chart, after feb 4, the #9 star flies to NE. Where the Oxen sits. Kindly advise. tq


    1. Hi Denison,
      We dont really do that, you use the sectors depending on what you like to have. For example if you are looking for Wealth, 8 and 1 Stars are what you work on. If you are looking for harmony then 9 is good. If you are facing exams this year, then star 4 is useable.
      The natal chart and layout of you house plays a role too..I give you an example, let say you wanted to use Star 4 but unfortunately it is not available due to a missing sector, then it is not available to be used.


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