XKDG Feng Shui Course

Course Structure – Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui

What is XKDG and why you need to learn it if you want to be in the top rank Master in Feng Shui.?

XKDG stands for Xuan Kong Da Gua and it is formula based on the Fang Yuan Tu 64 Hexagram.

The answer is very simple, XKDG works at less than 1 degrees and it is another level of Feng Shui to allow your Feng Shui to work at a more refined level.

With the knowledge of XKDG, you can better predict the timing of triggering, who will benefit most, what Qi is being brought into the house, how to have faster and more consistent wealth or decendants that are noble.

Do you know why sometimes your feng shui works and doesnt work or at best weak? Why only some members benefit from it, then you ought to join this class as we will explain to you things that Flying Star itself not able to pin point.

Why a good star at your door doesn’t bring you the benefit is should have? Haha..doubt no more…Master Francis will explain why.

Some terms not well explained by other schools like In/Out of Gua, truth in the application to “Reference items” as well as to External Mountains and Water will also be taught here. After you have learn this knowledge, I bet you will not want to share it, it will be so dear to you like your wealth. You know something that most other don’t know and you will not bother what they say because you know and they don’t!.

Without XKDG knowledge, one cannot move on to practise San Yuan Yin Zhai. Yin Zhai is very powerful feng shui but without authetic knowledge of XKDG one can destroy lifes. Master Francis Leyau is very experienced in Yin Zhai feng shui with high profiles clients within this Region. Again without the knowledge of Yin Zhai, how good can your Yang Zhai Feng Shui be? Afterall, Yang Feng Shui was an extension of Yin Feng Shui.

The XKDG knowledge in CAFS is very in-depth as this knowledge is not easily understood by just reading books. This is also the reason many well known Feng Shui Masters are not practising Yin Feng Shui and will tell you Yin Feng Shui don’t work. Ignorance is not bliss but Knowledge is Power.

Not understanding Yin Feng Shui, how does one perform Life Grave?  No need to ask around in forums, you will know the answers here.

 Day 1 : 10:00am – 5:00pm

 1.  Formation of Ba Gua Wu Chi, Tai Ji, Two Poles, Four Phenomena , Eight Gua and 64 hexagram

2.  Name of 64 Gua, their symbol and implications

3.  Derivation of the 60 cycle of Jia Zi  and their cardinal points and seasonal hexagram Terms.

4.  Derivation of the Xuan Kong Wu Xing in the 64 Hexagram

5.  Derivation of the Xuan Kong Ai Xing in the 64 Hexagram

6.  Hexagram Families in Xuan Kong Da Gua Feng Shui:

a.  YI Gua Xun Qing (Pure Gua Formula )

b.  Combo of Ten in the 64 Hexagram ( Wu Xing)

c.  Combo of He Tu in the 64 Hexagram

d.  Pure Yun (64 Gua Ai Xing Formula)

e.  Combo of Ten in the 64 Hexagram ( Ai Xing)

f.   Communication of Gua

Year of Happening

1. Calculation on year of event happened.

2. Calculation of happening on Each Yao in the 64 Hexagram mountains

Day 2    10:00am – 5:00pm

 1.  Early Heaven Sequence Arrangement of 64 hexagram and their application

2.  Later Heaven sequence Arrangement of 64 hexagram and their application.

3.  The arrangement of the Early and Later Heaven 64 Gua in inner and outer rings of San Yuan Xuan kong Luo Pan

4.  64 Hexagram Mountains (application)

5.  Ba Gua Nan Jia (insert HS and EB into 64 Gua)

6.  Middle Heaven Ba Gua

7.  “Kinship” in the 64 Hexagram and their application

8.  River East and River West Gua formula and application.

Day 3       10:00am – 5:00pm

1.  Implications of 384 yao in Xuan Kong Da Gua

a. Within Gua (For Man, mountain and water)

b. Out of Gua (For Man, mountain and water)

c. Fan Ying of the 64 Hexagram mountains

d. Fu Ying of the 64 Hexagram mountains

e. Family Gua (Relationship between parent and Children Gua )

f. Robbery of the Seven Stars in Xuan Kong Da Gua

g. Ling Shen and Zheng Shen (water placement technique in 64 Hexagram mountains)

2. Term of 64 Hexagram mountains  (From Period 1 to 9)

a.  Qian Shan Qian Xiang

b.  Kun  Shan Kun  Xiang

c.  Mao Shan Mao  Xiang

d.  You  Shan you  Xiang

e.  Xun  Shan Xun  Xiang

f.  Gen  Shan Gen  Xiang

g.  Zi    Shan   Zi   Xiang

h.  Wu  Shan  Wu  Xiang

Day 4     10:00am – 5:00pm

1.  How to apply XKDG  in your Luo Pan

a. Full explanation of each 64 Gua in the inner and outer rings in Luo Pan

b. Xuan Kong Da Gua Luo pan Application

c. Interpretation of the 81 Combinations base on 64 Hexagram mountains

d. Application of 64 Hexagram mountains to Door, Room, Bed , Water, Road and Mountain.

e. Application of 64 Hexagram mountains to external land form

f. Case Study

Day 5 : 10:00am – 5:00pm

Site Visit for Practical course.

Course Details:

Date          : 24-27 February 2012         Venue        : Singapore           Time          : 10am to 5pm daily

Course fee:    SGD 5,500

For registration, hotel, transportation and etc please visit E-mail: fengshuimastery@hotmail.my

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