Updates Annual Feng Shui 2012…

Updated: 7 Jan 2012

Here is the 2012 Feng Shui View, the annual afflictions and the good stars .

White 8 at the West and if your Door will assist in wealth creation or career advancement.

Watch out for the Black stars…they are BAD…especially 5 Yellow in the South East.

# South facing houses will have better chances of experiencing good events than most facing houses this year. In Malaysia, most home buyers like South Facing Houses which they believe is the”feng shui house of the Emperor” which is not really true unless you know how to unlock and make use of Hexagrams. Otherwise just a general misconception.

Also South Houses will be easier to find house for auspicious move in dates compared to North, NE and NW Facing ones.

For those who understands Flying Star especially the Wu Chang Method will know which sector will be affected accordingly by studying the interaction with the Base Stars.#

Disclaimer: This chart is read without knowledge of your house natal chart.

Advice: Do not be over worried when you house is inflicted with bad stars. The bad stars may only affect certain individuals or houses only.

If you would like an audit to fully Understand your house , please email qimgmt@yahoo.com for more details.

Bazi 2012

2012 is the Year of Water Dragon (壬). What will this year bring to you?

It looks like it is going to be a nice year coming for the world in general but the question I guess will be, how it will affect you, right?.

Before we continue, you may want to plot your bazi if you had not one..you can click here to plot it.

In very General Terms:

If you are a Jia (甲) Person, this year will generally be a fruitful year for you. Your issues, may it be a gossip, a mistake done or a stressor shall be reversed this year.

If you are a Yi (乙) Person, this year you will find support from superior but it comes with some sacrifice and conditions. You may want to spent this year and health or seeking comfortable life.

If you are a Bing (丙) Person, this year will be a little troublesome as you will likely do something to self sabotage your own job, position or even your boss. Not to worry too much the final outcome or changes is likely to be good.

If you are a Ding (丁) Person, your boss is likely to side you or if you are looking for a job, chances are someone will approach you but you may have doubts or have other plans/aims in mind, so make your own judgement wisely cos likely your alternative plans is not going to benefit you in the long run.

If you are a Wu (戊) Person, this is the year if you want to start off a business but with or without partner is going to depend on your entire chart. The start up will be likely going to be tough but if you persist enough, it will come through.

If you are a Ji (己) Person, then this year will offer you couple of possible scenarios but to speak on a more positive tone, it will be a year of career achievement or advancement. You will have the needed self confidence to take the job. This is most true if you are born between May-Oct. If you are born between Nov-Jan then it have much smaller effect, generally.

If you are a Geng (庚) Person, beware as it will be trouble year for you. What ever you do, problems seems to be trailing you. So think twice and if you need to discuss it with a trusted friend, do so. This year it will be a year that fits this saying ” the less you do the less mistake you can make “.

If you are a Xin (辛) Person, this will be a performance year for you. The thinking and execution will be good. So if you have plans this is the year, all you need is the self confidence, clear the doubt in you.

If you are a Ren (壬) Person, then life can move in both ways depending on your chart. It could be a good helping hand coming or partnerships that breaks you up by siphoning business out. It can also be aware of people coming to “sell” you ideas. This could lead you into problems later.

If you are a Gui (癸) Person, to one extreme it could just me a robbery but likely it will be a help from a friend or an associate. For working person, your superior will lend you hidden support.


Bazi is an art of destiny analysis and as such it is based on the 4 Pillars of life. Without a person’s bazi, it will be difficult tell how next year it will affect you. The above analysis is based on general assumptions.

8 thoughts on “Updates Annual Feng Shui 2012…”

  1. Alan,

    How is my fate? what is my destiny ? Is my life route still fill with hardship & difficulities ?


    1. Hi Lucy, Sorry for the late reply as I was busy with course last couple of days.
      Hardship is defined in our mind. Rather I look at them as merely lessons to learn. So the faster you drop off your current baggage, then the sooner you will pass this lesson and move on in life. If we keep carrying this baggage of frustration, anger, still asking “Why?” the longer will be our suffering. Chinese has a saying 知命者不怨天,知己者不怨人. When life presents with issues and setbacks is for us to learn a lesson, so learn it quick and then move on. Letting go is the 1st step to change and leap towards a better life. Let go.

      As in destiny analysis, is that we know why things happen to us, we dont blame them because it was engrave in our bazi. We can minimise it if we would have known earlier then Heaven gave us another tool ie feng shui to help us improve our live. So we can use them to assist us. They only thing is do we have the affinity to find the right source.

      I dont have your time but it is also not my intention to do a full reading but this luck period surely your marriage is a challenge but by 2017 things will be better.

      Take care.


  2. by 2017, I am already past 50 years old. what is good life still for me? half the leg already intot he coffin, lady luck will serve no use to me anymore


    1. You know what, as I was reading your post, I see in my next table few ladies in their late 50’s or early 60’s looking active and good.
      I think in life what keeps us moving and looking great is an objective or goal in life.
      I found mine in CAFS, perhaps you will find yours someday…keep searching…never loose faith.

      Have a great day!


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