Learning From Alan

The one thing I cannot emphasize enough is the need for practical exercise.

After 3 days plus of theory, it is most important now to put what you have learn back out.

The best learning is by practical visits. During the visits we can see what is landforms, how to decide the facing, how to access the feng shui, how to plot chart and interpret the 81 combinations all when the Master is around.

Almost everyone says Mid Valley Feng Shui is good but why? The usual answer is the jade belt river behind but then why the others are not doing so well. Why is the North Tower mostly empty? Why are the shops changing ownership? Why Gardens is not as good as the Paradigm?

Why some shops with tilted door is not doing good. Do they really know the theory of Tilted door? Don’t just listen to me. Get down to the field and verify it yourself.

We won’t be going to empty new houses for practical for there is nothing to prove. We will go to place that is good or bad and to see for ourselves why are they so.

Sometimes it is not the school or the syllabus but what makes the difference is the Teacher.

Be Different, Be Practical, Be Real, Be in this Class!


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