Consultation FAQ

When is the Best time to engage a Feng Shui Audit?

The best time to tap the benefits of Feng Shui is before the purchase of the property. The house has to match landforms to have the best effects.

The 2nd best is after the purchase of the house but have not moved in. Now we try to manipulate the house internal layout to minimise the problems and maximise the benefits. This time is also the most suitable because you can plan the layout well with your Architect or Interior Designer.

Is having Water Ponds a must in Feng Shui?

Not necessary. Water ponds while may bring you wealth, it may destroy health and house harmony. What ever water technique claimed by who ever master has this effects but usually wealth effects comes first and family/health issues will creep in time slowly. People has to be aware that while wealth is important, more so in this age of “instant noodle” it will not be lasting happiness if you have no health, harmony or filial children. You can see this happening commonly around us.

There are houses without water ponds but doing well. Open your eyes and you will see some. Not all formation can put water anywhere.

Is the use of Colour important in Feng Shui?

Yes and No. Colours are in the study of Feng Shui but colours it self cannot enchance the energy or Qi in the house effectively. Further the use of colours is limited. Imagine you have 5 members of the family, then likely you will have a very colourful house that look like a fun fair.

How fast can the effect be felt/seen?

It depends on the current house situation. If the timing is right 2 weeks you will see it. This can be predicted but not many can do it.

There are so many consultants in the market, how do I choose?

First, is how long the master has been in market. In market does not mean huge advertisements. Word of mouth is important. Next is Lineage. Just browse around the websites for feng shui consulting and you will see not many will acknowledge their lineage or their masters. Why? Would you be ashamed to let others know who is your father?

Lineage allows the experience to accumulate from generation to generation. To begin all the learning again will too tedious and dangerous.

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