Feng Shui Consulting FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Is feng shui cure easy and hassle? I see some have to do extensive renovation.

Feng Shui is like building a business empire or bring up a family. There is no short cut. Many think that the easiest way out is to buy a PiYao or hang a bagua mirror and my problems will be solved and I am on my way to being rich.

If it were this easy, the Emperors in the past did not need to send Feng Shui masters looking for land for Burial, Sheng Ji or plan for their palaces. How much time, effort and money was used? Items are just mental relieves to make you feel easier or lighter for a while. The root problem has not gone it just took up a different form.

Q: I have bought a house, when is it best to get a feng shui consultation?

The best time to do feng shui consulting is before you purchase the land. You may read this article…

Q: How soon can we see results?

It depends on the timing, if the timing is right, probably from weeks to months and if not it may take a little longer. Apart from this, the external environment is also affecting the timing.

Q: Do we have to read Bazi (Phat Chee) before we do Feng Shui?

Not really although we do need the bazi during consulting for some calculation purposes. Bazi deals with your destiny. If you are born poor, are you born a negative person, do you always meet petty people who gives you problems but Feng Shui is about harnessing energy from the nature to help us improve our current situation. It is hard to change destiny and this is was the motivation for the ancient to find a way to improve it, gladly they found it by harnessing the nature’s energy to help us be better than before.

Q: There are so many Feng Shui Consultants, how do I select?

This is a tough question because Feng Shui is an art. Just like I ask, how do I know which cook is better cook? You wont know until you tasted their cooking. Some people judge based on popularity thus they go for celebrity feng shui masters, some on friend’s recommendation while some gut feel.

Here are some pointers I can share with you.  First is Lineage. Since feng shui is not a science, it cannot be proven by instruments thus the best indicator is lineage because lineage is a testimonial of time of proven knowledge. Just like a company founded on fake or false products cannot last for 10 years in the market. Same logic goes to lineage. Another this point is if they name their masters. If they cannot prove their masters or shy to tell their masters they are likely to learn from books. If they can learn from books, so can you!. Would you part great knowledge for RM30 book?

Some say the fairy (仙人) taught them feng shui. Well this is possible when it comes to sorcery or magic but not feng shui. This is why I always advice people, feng shui is not magic.

Q: I noticed some doors are tilted. Why and is this necessary? It looks awkward.

In the past, houses/graves were built in a less conforming way but today due to town planning and efficient use of land and organisation of towns, houses are built in a row. Even in memorial parks, graves a now arrange in a straight row. In feng shui theory, depending on the landforms, the best orientation can be different from where it was built. Thus why exist the tilted doors today. It is done for a good feng shui reason, not because it’s a trend.

Q: I am concerned with my health, can feng shui improve it?

Feng Shui can improve it but from which perspective are you looking from. If a person already have a stroke, no feng shui can reverse the damage but in cases like this, feng shui can help the recovery and re-occurance if the person does what ever the doctor advices. If he choose to keep the same lifestyle, ignore the medication, no follow up check ups, well feng shui cannot help much but perhaps lessen the effect.

Q: Seriously do Feng Shui really work? I have seen some of my friends doing it but not much effect compared to before?

Yes it works! Why it doesn’t work or just a placebo effect? Well many factors surrounding it.

1) The method used is not authentic feng shui knowledge. They are the Jiang Hu (江湖) practitioner. They will use talisman, items, feng shui paintings, blessing water etc…These are spiritual or psychological approach.

2) The landform is not supportive but the practitioner is not aware of it.

3) Using your destiny method to solve your Feng Shui. Just like this client of mine..

Q: It’s expensive!

It depends on how you look at it. But to be stingy, only affects your karmic energy. I show you a simple calculation that happen on one my client. The feng Shui fees was 4000 and with the renovation was about 6000, so his total cost was 10,000. Later the shared with me his monthly sales up about 10%~15% and his monthly sales was about 100-120,000.

So this translate to about 1000 more sales. He claimed his profit is about 10% and I give him benefit of the doubt which will translate to 1000/month. So his ROI is 10 months. What about after 10 months? Feng Shui is not a 1-2 year thing. What about the other intangible gains?

Q: Problems happens after he did the feng shui. Why is this so?

This could be due to 2 reason, a good and a bad reason.

Good because it signifies a change for the better, just like a company restructuring, unproductive staff has to go and new good staff comes or like a detox, first you have to purge then you get healthier.

Another example is like an early detection of a heart artery clog. This allows the person to take preventive measures before the person dies of a sudden heart attack.

Bad reason is usually a long term effect, non stop and last for months and months. This is usually due to wrong application of feng shui. Major car accidents, robbery, lost of a good job etc.

The type of reason, only the person will know because most people usually don’t tell others the true story maybe due feeling shame about it or for some other reasons.

IF you have questions, please email me at fengshuimastery@hotmail.my.

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