Here are some questions that was frequently asked in the past and so I compiled them here for your convenience.

1. Q: Why the course fees that high?

A: The fees is a reflection for 2 things, first it is the value it gives. This is a real art of flying star and are backed by many years of real experience, lineage and success cases. If you have something that is cheap or general knowledge or some unproven methods, sharing it publicly is not a problem. Secondly is the overhead costs, some schools has full fledge organisation, offices in expensive places, have their courses in hotels, massive marketing, provide you sushi as tea breaks etc and this is the other reason for the higher cost fees. CAFS is only for the first reason.

Then again, we now have certified instructors which offers a more affordable courses to benefit more people.

2. Q: Why should I learn Feng Shui?

A: Feng shui is not the cure to everything in life. You will still fall sick occasionally, you will still meet challenges in life. The application of Feng Shui is to improve life. May it be health, wealth, having babies or lesser obstacles in life. The key word here is improve and not eliminate. So learning it, you can apply it to help yourself and your family year after year. If someone tells you that after having a feng shui audit, you will live forever, no more accidents, no more sickness…you better think twice in trusting this person as life is made of myriad of things and events. It will be naive to think that feng shui is the panancea of everything.

3. Q: What is that 1 thing so special about CAFS that distinguish from others?

A: Plenty but I will focus on the more outstanding ones. As you may know that the origin of feng shui was for Burial i.e. Yin Feng Shui. Yin Feng shui has great effects on decendants life so that is why ancient emperors are carefully buried to ensure their empire or their blood linked decendants (if their decendants don’t get to accent to the throne) continues to florish in good life. How many masters today does Yin Feng Shui? Some even brush off that Yin Feng Shui is not important while some will take you to some country side tour explaining you all the landforms when I am not sure if he knows how to apply it! I have seen Master Leyau’s works & I am pretty convinced on the Yin Feng Shui. I know of many cases where students went home solving their long time issues that was once a mystery to them after class. Further more, ask any rich Chinese tycoons if they believe in feng shui. See my article on Celeb’s using feng shui in the west.

4. Q: Why is it I hardly see CAFS students debate in forums or such so we don’t know much about CAFS?

A: Why do we need to do so? As long we know it works, proven to work, we just do not need to find answers in forums. When you are confident you don’t need to show nor debate in public. When the student is ready the master will appear.

5. Q: Is the class usually small  or big?

A: I don’t know why I get these kind of question but ok, we also prefer smaller numbers so students gets equal attention. If the group is large Master usually may extends 1 extra day. So to Master Leyau, it is important you get it right and improve your life. Don’t be a half past eight practitioner.

6. Q: Which course should I start with?

A: It depends, if you are a freshie, then Flying Star is the one, if you are a seasoned practioner you have a choice of Flying Star or XKDG Date Selection. I personally discourage students to go for the Advance flying star. You will be lost inside it because you may not understand many of the fundamental concepts of Wu Chang Flying star.

7. Q: Is lunch included in the course fees?

A: No. But if you get it, you are lucky then!

8. Q: Am I allowed to repeat the course? How much is the fees?

A: Yes, Fees can be or may not be applicable depending on the case.

9. Q: Will the certificate be included?

A: Yes and will be signed by GM himself.

10. Q: Why is Lineage important as many says it is not really that important.?

A: The answer is yes and no. Yes because feng shui being a metaphysical subject depends much on experience to determine pattern of events and observation of nature and stars just like in astronomy. Without lineage means you many not have enough cases to prove the hypothesis. Maybe you are not aware that most master uses a mix of systems to audit a house, they deploy flying star for the house, the San He landforms for outside your house, uses 8 Mansion to place your stove. Mix matching system is dangerous because the background reasoning for the forming of each system is different. The other reasoning is if the system cannot cater for all landforms to your house to the stove, chances are the system is deficient or the practitioner is.

If one claims to have but not ready to reveal it, think again. Why would one not say it? CAFS admits GM Tan Yang Wu as our founding grandmaster but still many competitors outside criticized him for many things still we are not afraid to say this because we know that their claims are untrue. For good or bad, we recognised his honour, knowledge and virtues as our GM & we have nothing to hide.

No need if you can witness (not hearsay) that a good consecutive number of cases being successful like 20 or more. You may take a chance to trust it.

11. Q: There are many who claim they are Wu Chang Feng Shui, how do we know.?

A: When something is good, everyone will want to claim it. It’s business. There are fundamental concepts like compartmentalize, 3auspicious 5 auspicious, different angles same degrees and many more that if they cannot understand, likely they are overclaimed. Again it is not easy for you to differentiate, just have to do some research.

12. Q: People say that there are secrets in Wu Chang Feng Shui, is that true?

A: Secrets are when you don’t know, when you know it is not a secret but a good knowledge.

13: Q: Is accomodation provided?

A: No unless otherwised stated.

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