Peach Blossom…The Romance X Factor?

Often in the study of Bazi, one of the area of interest of students is the Peach Blossom Star. Peach Blossom carries many meanings and different schools emphasize different aspects of it. Nonetheless, it usually entails, affinity with people, indication of possible extra marital affairs or attractive person especially to the opposite sex.

The usual 4 Peach Blossom Stars are Zi, Mao, Wu and You. (子,卯,午,酉)

Here is an interesting real life case of two men.

One of the men below has many female friends and is the center of attraction to women where ever he goes while the other is just an ordinary family man. Now, interestingly both were born in the same year and each has 3 peach blossom star in their Bazi and coincidentally both are made of only 2 elements of Zi and Mao.


So how do you tell which is the Casanova by looking at the 2 charts above? Francis or Joey?

Schools of Thoughts

Different schools will have different answers or different way to derive the answer to the reality. Some may use Gods and Killings Methods while some will use 12 Growth Cycle and some will use the traditional way of reading by the overall bazi of the Day Master.

The goal is to decipher/guess it and I shall provide the answer some weeks later in this same post below. Meantime have FUN!

Answer to be revealed soon…