Clashing in 2014

Many a times I received questions about clashes. People are usually very afraid of clash because it gives a very eerie feeling.

Clash in Bazi or 4 Pillar usually comes for the 6 clashes as in the table below:

Clash table

Take for example 2014, it will be the year of the Horse and thus if you refer back to the table, those born in the year of the Rat is said to be having a clash with the year or some call it Clashing the Tai Sui.

People will worry if something bad can happen to them. From my years of consulting, clashes do not necessarily brings bad events. Sometimes on the contrary, it bring good events! Other times it can be only small changes.

Clash in Bazi can mean many things and also depending where the clash happens. The table above shows clashes in the Earthly Branches (see purple arrow). Clashes can also happen in Heavenly Stems as shown in the Blue Arrow.

Clash HS

So ladies and gentleman, when there is a clash, it may not mean end of the day because there are many layers in understanding clashes, where it clashes, which palace is being clashed or perhaps the clash may result in the removal of the “sickness” in your Bazi which means good things is coming.

My advice is not to fret things like clashes but rather understand the implication of the clash by getting your Bazi read by a professional reader and also importantly get your house feng shui right to avoid/reduce problems.

Wish you a blessed year of 2014!

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