Monthly FengShui

Monthly Flying Star Chart 2013 Q2

Here is the Monthly Flying Star Chart for May, June, July 2013:

Monthly Star Q2 2013


A word of caution during the month of May any occupants with door in the SW sector has to be extra careful.

In June, East Doors or Rooms be careful of theft or your money.

July, people with high blood to shift out of room if you are sleeping in SE sector.

Proper layout of your house Feng Shui will reduce these effects in the long run so better Qi is captured.

However these are just general guidelines so as not to reveal too much WuChang Techniques.

1 thought on “Monthly Flying Star Chart 2013 Q2”

  1. You are right about the southeast sector been having problems with blood pressure. Sleeping in the south east sector. wakeup sick.


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