2013 Annual Feng Shui Updates

Good Dates to Start Work after Chinese New Year on 10th Febuary 2013.


Here is the 2013 Flying Star Chart beginning of 4th Feb 2013.

3 Killings or San Sha goes to the East. Most schools will say that disturbing this sector will cause robberies, theft, mishaps and so forth, this is not the real application of San Sha. San Sha covers more than just 3 sectors.

Yellow 5 is trapped in the center, which is good news.

Tai Sui goes to Snake (Si) Sector while Sui Po goes to the Pig (Hai) Sector. At these 2 sectors you should avoid groundbreaking or renovation which is common to most feng shui school but do not worry as the correct method is not as what they describe. You will see some houses that does renovation onto these sectors do not suffer from harmful events.
2013 FlyingstarEast and South West are bad sectors this year.

North, North East and North West are blessed.

General guide is that if you have the main door at these sectors you can already know your 2013 luck. Feng Shui is personalized and it is never a general thing.

To listen to Audio Narration Click Here

To know your house better it is recommended to have your house feng shui checked to avoid unnecessary disaster. If you would like to know your house better, email qimgmt@yahoo.com

7 thoughts on “2013 Annual Feng Shui Updates”

  1. What about some drilling to connect some telephone lines thru the centre that can only be carried out after 4th Feb?


    1. Hi SuSin,
      Actual Feng Shui Dont work like this. 5 in the center after 4th Feb do not mean we cannot do anything at the center of the house. This is a wide misconception among Flying Star practitioners.
      You can still do but first you need to understand the real meaning of avoiding 5 Yellow, Sui Po and San Sha. If you know, you will do just fine.



    1. Hi Su,
      It is difficult to explain to you because the idea of Flying Star has been badly distorted. If I explain you get half but still you will be confused which may be worse off.
      E.g. Most people say if 5 is in the East do not renovate on the East Sector. I did exactly that in 2011, nothing bad happened because that is not the real understanding of the application of 5 yellow.
      To understand this, first you need to understand the real application of the flying star chart which in turn you need to understand the concept of compartmentalise. A hint, most people lay the chart onto the house plan which is also a false understanding.
      Without this indepth knowledge sometimes it happens sometimes it does not.



  2. hello, can you help me with feng Shui´please? thanks
    I´ve born in April 4th, 1954, 4pm, in Rosario, Argentina: 32°57′04″Sout 60°39′59″ West


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