BaZi (Phat Chee) Consultation

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Bazi is an ancient Chinese metaphysics astrology system founded by Xu Zi Ping to help us understand our innate strength/weakness, our wealth potential, our potential sickness, when we are in luck and when we are out of luck, is our children filial? If not how then we should guide them since young? What actions can we take to better our lives? How is our marriage life and what if it is not good, what can we do about it?

Which career is suitable for you? Is it based on your lacking elements to decide? This is a serious matter, so get it right!.

These questions are challenges in our daily lives. Knowing our Bazi provide better understanding of what was packaged along when we came to this world. Before we can do any changes, we first need to know the root cause or source of the problem, without which we cannot prescribe a solution or prescribe a solution in the wrong direction.

With knowledge we perform effort. Effort to alter our destiny. It may not be a one month effort but consistent application of the right knowledge can help us reach our goal in the shortest possible time. This is the surest and most potent way.

The sage Huai Nan Zi said:

“Those who know the destiny don’t blame the heaven;
Those who know themselves don’t blame the others.”

— 《淮南子》

Method of Delivery:

1) Meeting face to face in Subang Area, Kuala Lumpur.

2) Correspond via email.

To enquire/book your Bazi consultation, please email: or call /whatapps +0107661568