About Me

When I set off my first learning, I have always observed a trend and that is students kept moving from one school to another school and I was no different. The only lucky thing for me is that I did not have hop around too many schools.

I guess most student moved from schools to schools primarily due to two main reasons. One is the feeling of inadequacy. Inadequate in the sense of not getting consistent results or perhaps cases gone bad. Inadequate for the feeling something does not quite matching or contradicting with observance. Example, many say lamp post in front of door is bad or facing a T junction is bad or sitting with the back on solid wall is a must for successful but yet in reality many successful people do have these features at home or office.

Second reason in my observation is the unending quest for all Feng Shui knowledge for they believe the more methodology you have under your sleeve the better the system will work. Just like a handyman with 100 tools beside him versus handyman with 25 tools. However, this stems from common misconception about Feng Shui. On the contrary, mix matching system in Feng Shui is dangerous just like you cannot practice Hinduism, Christianity, Islam or Taoism all at the same time to perfection because there are bound to be contradiction.

Hence, with Master’s blessing, I have decided to embark on this voyage to re-correct masses misunderstanding through the promotion of lineage proven, authentic Feng Shui system that yields consistent results.

The Lineage

Our Grandmaster, Master Tan Y W acquired the knowledge from Yang Jiu Ru who is the disciple of Zhang Zhong Shan, the San Yuan lineage holder of Jiang Da Hong. We are widely known as the Wu Chang (无常) School of Feng Shui.

From Left: Master Tan, Master Yen Pen, Master Sui Ming, Master Hong Chuan

Master Tan started to teach in Shanghai feng shui to the public akin to the Lilian Too who popularize feng shui to the masses and the West. Master Yen Pen, who was Tan Yang Wu contemporary, compiled years of cases he has done and met into the book Er Zhai Shi Yan (二宅实験) which was a way of handing down the knowledge. During the 2nd world war, another of his student, Master Sui Ming was entrusted with the Books San Yuan Di Li Lu Tu for safekeeping and for future generation.

Master Sui Ming and Master Yen Pen both met during their stay in the temple in Cameron Highlands Malaysia and had many exchanges of feng shui knowledge and experiences.

Later due to age, Master Yen Pen returned to Penang where he continued to teach Feng Shui classes. One of his notable student was Master Hong Chuan. Master Hong Chuan shot to fame in 1973 for his feng shui ability to turn around the fortune of Hyatt Hotel back then. Master Hong Chuan was the abbot of Kong Meng Shan Temple in Singapore.

Before his passing, Master Sui Ming entrusted the books to his disciple, who is my Master to carry on the proliferation of this true art of feng shui. My Master later took the book to Taiwan for republishing.

Many asked me if Lineage is important. I say yes because being an engineer I am trained to reason things out in a realistic and logical manner and thus this is one important criteria when I was looking for a school.

Reason is simple, if a Master or his Master self learnt from books, who is to confirm if his learning is correct? Chinese classics are often written in poem form and trust me if you give it to 5 persons, you will end up with at least 2-3 versions of interpretation and this is obvious in any religious material. Lastly, most Chinese will know that Masters never write down everything clearly but part of the knowledge is transferred orally. As such, I always look for real lineage to study. You will also notice they are usually rather low profiled type, strangely.

My Mission

Today it is my personal mission to help those who have suffered bad Feng Shui due to fake knowledge. It saddens me when I have have cases where clients have suffered in the hands of fake masters even after paying a hefty fees.

Bad health, problems, bankruptcy, miscarriages, divorce, 3rd party and many more…Just sad. When fame goes without a moral compass, this is what happens.

And to ensure this art benefit more people, I have spread this noble knowledge to students with affinity with me. When you see them progress in life and gets better, that is the greatest gift one ever gets….a LEGACY.