Who Are We?

Master Alan Chong is a accomplished Feng Shui master with a lineage.

Coming from a humble background, he completed his study in Engineering and worked many years as an engineer until destiny call when he turned to this field. Master has a unique personality, he does not do what he has not verified in field.

His life improvement is the first testimony of his knowledge & skill.

Being more than 10 years in this field of Feng Shui and Bazi Astrology, he has helped many people who have suffered from wrong Feng Shui done before, sickness, business facing challenges, relationships problems etc. The list and stories goes on and just too long to mention here.

Thriving on referrals for so many years is a testimony of his ability to produce results. We are a simple organization to keep our price affordable & we are master of our trade and not in advertising.

Now Master is also teaching Feng Shui and Bazi in hope the authentic knowledge will get passed down so more people can benefit from it. The world is so vast and now he has students from Canada right crossing to UK, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Russia, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Indonesia and Philippines.

Let’s spread the goodness around the world.

Namaste – Master Alan Chong, Kuala Lumpur.