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XKDG Date Selection – Auspicious San Sha

Introduction to Xuan Kong Da Gua Date Selection System

Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG) Date Selection system (玄空大卦择日) is one of the most profound and elaborated Feng shui Date Selection system because it uses the 64 hexagrams to calculate the auspicious timing but what makes it stands out of other date selection system is that it incorporates a holistic system that encompasses Heaven – Earth – Man factors during the calculation.

Chinese metaphysics systems is all about harmony with nature or heaven because Heaven is the leader and it is good be in harmony with the will of Heaven.

Before we even embark on this step, we first have to get a clearance. We have to ensure the Date is not afflicted with Year or Month Affliction and even down to the Hour.

Heaven here represents the Date. The Date in XKDG is not as simple as you can just flip the Tong Shu. It is has be calculated and selected carefully to achieve what we want to achieve with the date whether it is harmony, health, money, advancement or quick results.

After we have got a date, the job is not finished yet. We then have to make sure this Date can match or communicate with the Earth system.

The Earth here represents the House Feng Shui. A date that cannot communicate with the House is a weak date and gives only small effects. Lets assume we can have the Heaven communicating with the Earth or Date and House is able to communicate, we are still not done!.

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A Good Day – XKDG Date Selection

I was once doing Sheng Ji a.k.a. life grave on a selected good date, it was rather surprising that the day was dry and shining where as nearby districts are having rain for the duration of the work which lasted 3 days since that was the rainy season in Malaysia. The work was smooth and completed without hiccups.

There were scent smell of peppermint blown in by the gentle breeze from the jungle hills and a big grasshopper stopped by almost like saying hello. It was scorching 42 degrees Celsius but heaven is kind by keeping us cool with the scented breeze. Everybody did not fall sick.

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