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Often Misunderstood Lineage Knowledge

What is the difference between Lineage knowledge and non lineage knowledge? While you can read about Lineage in my previous posting, I think the best way to educate is with an example. Why is it 5 Yellow in Flying Star is sometimes labelled as the Emperor? Some typical answers will be like “The 5 Yellow star has a character like Emperor. It will give both good and bad. When it is good,it will give very huge auspicious. When it is bad, it can easy kill people. It is easy hot temper and angry like the emperor.” or “Just Ancient Chinese Astrology ppl related it to Jupiter, then from 5 yellow is so powerful transformed into emperor , the rest all become legend n myths that keep evolving n become books now, The most powerful the most auspicious and the greatest star when in timing… if not in timing the most catastrophic star can influence other star become bad stars.” or “5 is in the center of Lo Shu thus this star controls all direction and is known as emperor.” Continue reading “Often Misunderstood Lineage Knowledge”