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Feng Shui Rules, The Apartment Case

Here is an real case from a contributing student:

This is a case of a apartment/condominium type. Condominium Feng Shui Consulting work is one of the most tricky unit to audit because of several factors.

  1. The modern and complicated structures unlike traditional landed house where the facing is more obvious.
  2. In the old days, there were no condominiums so feng shui rules did not explicitly show examples of it. Thus self studied masters will have difficulties to determine the facing for apartments or condominiums.

Note: Identity and some details have been remove for privacy reasons.

This is a condominium occupied by a couple and the man’s father. They have staying in this rather newly built condominium couple of years ago. Since moving in about 3 years ago, I went to audit this condominium in 2015.

This condominium has 2 doors, one at the balcony and the other the entry door from the walkway. Unfortunately, the entry door is having bad qi. Ever since he stayed in this house, Mr N financial situation has been on the downward slope and even had accumulated some bad debts.

2015 was indeed a unfortunate year for Mr N. He sufferred from skin rashes apart from the loss of wealth. This is because the Stove was placed wrongly and aggravated the skin rashes. The loss of wealth is due to the arrival of the Annual bad stars and the undue activation from the ongoing construction on the West sector of this property. (Remember he already has bad door. Bad stars meeting bad stars will result in loss of wealth)

2015 Annual Star

Furthermore, I noticed there was a mountain at the NW sector, which I believed it caused the owner of the house to acquire bad habits. Mr. N admitted he had bad gambling habit.

The wife suffered hand rheumatism because I have noticed the bed placement is incorrect.

Elder Mr B was was fit as fiddle when he moved into this unit. I advised him to relocate his sleeping place but he insisted that he is staying put as he is comfortable with it then.

Few months passed. After followed my recommendations to put water at the auspicious sectors & changed the bed positions, Mr. N told me his financial situation was getting better, and he was hoping this situation would remain the same in the future. To mitigate the bad star, Mr. N also followed my suggestion by putting the remedy at the main door.

I was elated when Mr. N shared this news to me. Nevertheless, after 2 months passed, the happy moments were short-lived, as Mr. B fell sick and was admitted into hospital frequently, due to lung complication. When I heard this news, immediately I suggested Mr. B to move to another room, in order to get auspicious Qi. Knowing that his son, Mr. N was in the midst of receiving good wealth luck, superstitiously he did not dare to make any changes, and was very reluctant to move to the suggested room. Mr. B was admitted again this time, after few weeks discharged from hospital (Mr. B showed sign of improvement, when he was recovering at the hospital).

Around Feb 2016, I felt totally let down, when the news of passing of Mr. B reached to me. Honestly, I felt disappointed, as I couldn’t help Mr. B to recover his sickness, and yet at the same time, managed to improve his family financial matters. To my surprise, before his passing, I got to know that Mr. B did actually shifted to another room, but it was not the room, which I had suggested earlier. The bed room was having untimely bad door [9-7] which is also not favourable for his sickness and during the month, negative Po Jun star (Star #7) arrived at the bed room sector. On the actual day of his passing, negative Black Ju Men (Star #2) arrived at the bed room’s door while, star #3 reached the bed position/sector,  Mr. B passed away due to multiple internal organs failure, including of lung complication.

Contributed by our graduate, Victor Ho

Commentary on Apartment Feng Shui:

Being a Feng Shui Consultant, is a very noble endeavor, however, we do have our sad days but many of which are beyond our control. Client needed to act, be honest and cooperate but then again this is sometimes perhaps, is the Will of Heaven or act of Human. Which ever way you choose to see it, things could have been avoided because it can be predicted.

To be able to predict, one needs to learn the correct method of feng shui because a wrong diagnosis leads to a wrong prescription. This is the main reason why most feng shui consultancy do not produce results.

Feng Shui Cures

Feng Shui Cures is never good feng shui strategy. It only reduces the problem or trying to contain the problem but not eliminating the problem. It is like patching a shirt with a hole.

Feng Shui Prediction & Destiny

Feng shui has influence in our daily lives whether one believes in it or not. We humans, have the rightful will to decide. Perhaps Destiny has fated it but can man alter his own destiny? Many a time it is possible but man has to decide & choose which path he will thread on.

Our forefathers of feng shui has clearly mentioned the feng shui rule, “Do not divulge the secrets of Heaven”. What it means is the we are not supposed to interfere with the person’s destiny. I think we can advice but ultimately the person has to take his own decision or pick his own choice, so in this way we do not interfere with the person’s destiny or karma.

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