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This is the page where you find a full range of Feng Shui solutions to your problem whether you are first timer owning a property or have recently experienced feng shui failures, Master Alan Chong will be able to advice or help you.

Yang House Feng Shui

 House Feng Shui | 住家風水

This is the most important Feng shui to everyone.






Office Feng Shui

Commercial | Office Feng Shui 商業風水






Yin Feng Shui 阴宅風水

Ancestral Feng Shui | Burial Feng Shui

Yin Feng Shui is the long term feng shui that affects generations of our descendants. Finding an auspicious the final resting place to benefit future descendant is the best thing and last thing one can do for them.



Shengji Plot
Sheng Ji | Life Grave

Sheng Ji | 生基風水

Sheng ji or Life Grave is an ancient feng shui art to bring in auspicious energy from the Dragon land.






No matter if you are looking to benefit from good feng shui or to solve a feng shui problem, you can rest assured that Master Alan can help you like how he has help many others. He is RESULTS driven.


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Feng Shui Tips:

  1. For better bedroom feng shui, a good placement of the bed is important to achieve better health, reduce stress, good sleep and also a more loving relationship between husband and wife.
  2. To have better wealth luck, it is important to locate the Wealth sector of your house or office. Using our lineage technique to enhance your longer prosperity luck.
  3. Why all houses having the same facing have different level of feng shui? This is influenced by the geomagnetic stress lines. The worst thing that can happen is when your door sits on the Void & Emptiness Line. Everything (health and wealth) will be reduced to nothing eventually! Get your house checked!


Feng Shui Seminars/Talks:

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