Feng Shui Master – 地理師 or 風水師

地理師 (Di Li Shi)

There are some misunderstanding between the term Feng Shui master and Geographical master in Asia.

To most lay person, Feng shui master is the person with the ability to change the fate of others, a kind of doctor for a destiny defect.

However it is not so correct term in our industry. We should be known as Dilishi or geographical master although in Malaysia we are commonly known as Feng Shui Master.

It’s quite logical because we locate the best energy spot and matching the local land formations to the grave formation. We decide how high or how low to locate the grave, we decide how deep to dig and we decide the final angle of the Tombstone, we select auspicious dates for important events and this translate to the future well-being of the descendants.

Liufa landform

In Malaysia a “Feng Shui master” is the person who construct the grave or tomb. He is responsible to dig, construct the internal chambers, inscriptions on the Tombstone and final construction of the tomb.


It is like the difference between Engineering Department and Production Department. Engineering designs, Production produce.

The engineering results maybe felt some time later but the production’s work will be seen in matter of weeks or months.

It is the Di Li Shi that decides the auspiciousness of the grave. It is a very important role of a miscalculation can cause problems to the family line. Thus why in ancient kingdoms Di Li Shi are given much respect and position.