Determinants of Life – Human Factor (人)

Often I am asked during destiny consultation questions like “is it true that human factor 33.3%?” or  “can human really change their destiny?”

Chinese metaphysics study has always been centered on the concept of Trinity of Heaven, Earth, Man part. While some authors conveniently chop them into 3 equal parts, I think they have sort of misinformed the public the concept of Heaven, Earth and Man.


Heaven here can mean many things and one of it can be thought of as Heavenly gift. It’s like you have a special talent. In the context of a nation, we can think of it as if the country is free from natural disasters or not, perhaps endowed with bountiful of natural resources such as oil, tin, forestry, fertile land and such.


Earth can be said to be the environment surrounding us. It’s like do you live in Africa or United States or which part of the town do you live. In the context of a nation, we can say is the nation strategically located in the world shipping path or is the country in a location that has certain weather that is very suitable for growing grapes for example.

Man (Human)

Man is the person that thrives. Like you and I. The people factor. You make think of it collectively as human culture or leadership or vision of a leader.

Just today, we hear about the demise of legendary leader Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minister of Singapore. He shaped Singapore to what it is today since the day Singapore was ejected out of Malaysia in 1965 after a political fall out.


You can read a lot about him and the history of Singapore on the website & I do sincerely suggest that you do so because it will worth your time. Briefly, Singapore is a tiny nation that has no natural resources (Heaven) and while it is strategically located (Earth) in the straits of Malacca, it has as well competition from port of Penang and Port Klang in Malaysia.

Today Singapore is one of the wealthiest, safest and harmonized nation within the South East Asia region.

What did Singapore had that her neighboring friends did not? They had Lee Kuan Yew? So what does Lee Kuan Yew represent? Can he alone shape a nation? The answer my friend is Singapore has strong Man factor. Not only Mr Lee but his team of ministers and civil servants whom together have helped built and shaped Singapore to what is it today.

Thus you can see, that Human factor is highly prevalent in this tiny nation with small population. They will not be able to have a strong domestic demand unlike Indonesia, Thailand, Malaysia and even Philippines. Yet this nation is today a developed nation.

From this story, we learn a few important things:

  1. Man factor does not necessarily represent 33.3% or one third of our outcome. It can grow beyond with perseverance, integrity, courage, optimism, hard work and fairness (equality).
  2. Man factor while it does not make a nation without flaws or weaknesses, it can to a great extent alter the destiny chart.
  3. The one principle that Mr Lee has always hold on to is the word CHOICE. We all have a choice and the choice to sit and do nothing or reshape our destiny through understanding, acceptance and relentless effort to correct our destiny. Please do not say that you cannot quit smoking or you cannot stop seeing the other lady or you are not in control of your anger. We all have a choice and we can exercise that choice.

 My Salute to a Great Statesman, Mr Lee Kuan Yew.

Bazi Course

不如让生命发光!。    弱者依赖命运,勇者创造命运;庸者静观命运,智者改变命运。命运不是等待,而是把握,命运不是天意,而是人为。与其让生命生锈,不如让生命发光!