CAFS: The Hard Facts

Many a times I am faced with this question, The course seems to be same than what other schools teaches, why should I learn from Central Academy of Feng Shui, CAFS?

My answer is You don’t have to learn from CAFS. Surely you can learn from celebrity masters who will look more convincing with their big cars, big houses, posh offices, Rolex watches or Pearl necklaces.

It is too extensive for me to pen down everything here but I will list few key points.

First Flying Star is much deeper that what you learn outside but same time I am not willing to disclose to public our exact method so you will see not much difference on my blogs. While you may think I am stingy but the fact is I value the knowledge very very much since I know you will not learn this outside. E.g. most school will tell you Early Heaven Bagua was discovered by Fu Xi and then full stop. But we show you how it was derived and why it was arranged in that particular order. Just this 2 facts already tell us some valuable information within the study of feng shui. So the basic of Feng Shui will be strong. There are many more. What you see is just the tip of the iceberg…


Why people say when you go South Hemisphere, you ought to turn the Lo Shu around and then the Flying Star Chart. This is because they don’t understand how the Later Heaven Bagua was derived.

Then, our method is pure, good or bad of a house we only use 1 method to explain. We do not mix and match in other systems. If one practices 8 Mansion, San He, Bazi Feng Shui, Yi Jing Feng Shui etc…for sure if you meet a failure there will be a way to explain and if there is a success then there will also be a reason from one of the methods. How can you validate your skills with so many variables at stake?

If you want to be a millionaire you should be a business man or business woman. If you study the history of feng shui,   seldom you hear of millionaire feng shui masters.  They are usually poor people. So why do you still want to learn Feng Shui? We don’t sell dreams at CAFS. You learn a skill to improve your life but remember everyone of us have our own set of destiny at birth i.e. our Bazi or Phat Chee. We live in different environment and possess different characters and DNA. We inherit different feng shui from our ancestor’s grave. All Feng Shui Masters are only mortals and each living person has different aspirations in life as well.


Once I have a student who has asked me 4 times Why should I come, I have learnt Flying Star from 2 masters already? Finally he took a leap of faith and he did his first course with CAFS in Flying Star. He told me after class on the 4th day that he was initially worried if he was doing the right thing even when he landed at KLIA but now he is convinced that he did the right thing.


Master Leyau has close to 40 years in practicing Feng Shui. Though he may not know everything on earth, his experience together with knowledge and experience from our grand masters, we are have lots of value to offer. So each student have to in turn carry down this tradition to future generations.

Whatever good there is in the world I inherit from the courage and work of those who went before me.
I, in turn, have a responsibility to make things better for those who will inherit the earth from me.
– Arthur Dobrin

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