San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia

What is exactly San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia? There are basically 2 types of SYQM in the market. The common version is the 9 palace version where there are only 8 directions. This means the accuracy is 45 degrees.

9 square SYQMDJ

The other version of San Yuan Qi Men is based on the version of Zhen Zi Nan’s where it’s accuracy is 5.625 degrees. This version of SYQM is a very advance date selection system where it is usually used in conjunction with Xuan Kong Da Gua (XKDG). It is an extremely accurate way to select an auspicious direction within one Chinese hour. Since it occupies only 5.625 degrees, you can see it is far more accurate than the 45 degrees version. This is also the version taught by Master Leyau at Central Academy of Feng Shui (CAFS).

Master Leyau and Zeng Zi Nan at The 10th International Conference of Yi Ching Learning in Taiwan 1993 .7. 25
Master Leyau and Zeng Zi Nan at The 10th International Conference of Yi Ching Learning in Taiwan 1993 .7. 25

As a result of this, it is more appropriate to use for feng shui application where highly accurate placement of tombstone, burial, enhancer and cures is desirable. The only drawback is that it is not suitable to be used for travelling since 5 degrees is extremely difficult.

The basic components of QMDJ are the 9 stars, 9 palaces, 8 gods and 8 doors apart from the 3Qi 6Yi. However in CAFS San Yuan QMDJ, the 8 gods and 9 stars is less important.

Here is an example of SYQM Plate:


An example of application is for example that you are doing a burial and you need to erect the tombstone. After you have calculated using XKDG method to the desired hexagram and yao, you proceed to select an auspicious date using XKDG date selection method. Within this date, we can then use SYQMDJ to select the most auspicious hour to establish the tombstone.

The observed phenomena appearing suggest the correct application of the date and hence effectiveness of the feng shui application from the strength borrowed from the auspicious date.

This practice is considered the full fledged San Yuan system of the art of Xuan Kong integrating XKDG feng shui, XKDG Date selection and San Yuan Qi Men Dun Jia.

Xuan Yuan Huang Di battled against Chi You at Zhuolu and the war lasted for many years. One day he dreamt of heaven’s god granting the sacred metho thus setting the prayer and in meditation, dragons and turtle emerge from the water of He and Lo. Colourful Phoenix flying above the green clouds. Later Feng Hou (goddess of Wind) was ordered to write the book which we know today as Qi Men.

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