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San Sha or 3 Killings (三煞)

Every year as you visit book stores or surf the internet, you will find loads of information about annual updates.

Usually everyone will talk about the 3 major killing forces that everybody should avoid. They are namely The 5 Yellow, the Tai Sui (Grand Duke) and San Sha / 3 Killings.

In this article, I would like to discuss one of the particular bad energy of each year or commonly known as 3 Killings or San Sha (Mandarin) or Sam Sart (Cantonese).

First of all the translation of San Sha should not be 3 Killings because in Chinese, as I illustrate below the meaning of . Hence, I prefer to refer it as Sha Sha from now onwards.

San Sha

As the word malignant tells us something bad or cannot be use or destructive, hence San Sha is an energy that one should avoid at all costs each year.

Therefore, you will need to find out where the San Sha goes every year. If you know then you can plan ahead but if you not you will just have to watch out for annual updates and many generous people will post them.

What’s interesting is that there are few versions of San Sha published by many famous masters. Let’s use 2014 to illustrate since in 2014 the sector of San Sha in theory falls to Hai, Zi, Chou (亥,子,丑) sectors or collectively referred to as North.

Version 1:

This school says San Sha covers the area of 45 degrees & that you must renovate at the sector of North. Some variants says you must not sit with your back on San Sha to avoid back stabbing. Remedy include the use of Qi Lin and has to be 3 in a set to counter the 3 killing forces.

San Sha V1

Version 2:

This group says San Sha cover the area of North and including the sector of Chou and Hai & that you must not renovate at these sectors. Seems this school’s advocation it makes some sense.

San Sha V2

Version 3:

This group says San Sha cover the area of North of 90 degrees & that you must not renovate at these sectors. Some variants says you must not sit with your back on San Sha to avoid back stabbing or gossips.

San Sha V3

QiLinMost schools advice the use of 3 Qi Lin to neutralise San Sha. Some included Fu Dogs and others symbolic figurines as remedy or NOT to do any renovation in the particular sector.

The million dollar question is, which version will you buy in? I guess it will depends largely on which school you graduate from and whom you like better.

But I would like you to think a little. Qi is an universal energy that surrounds us. Can we use figurines to stop/absorb/divert the bad energies or they are merely offering us some mental comfort?

It is unfortunate, that Feng Shui theories have evolved to this state. I wonder if this is really a passion for Feng Shui or just a opportunity in the name of Feng Shui to make a living?

I leave the question of morality to individual readers to decide for themselves but all these are not what Feng Shui is all about.

San Sha is just a type of bad energies and to avoid it is either we avoid it or if possible through proven methods bring in auspicious by overcoming the inauspicious but I can only inform you that it is the sector you need to avoid the renovation.

As for CAFS, we maintain our quality standards through small group teaching and commitment to carry on true knowledge of Feng Shui to the next generation of masters.

— Penned by 5th Generation Lineage Student.


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