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Truth and Facts of The Classic Text of San Yuan Di Li Lu Tou

Truth and Fact: History of two most sought after San Yuan Feng Shui Book by today’s Feng Shui practitioners & masters.

三元地理玄空路透 (San Yuan Di Li Lu Tou) and 三元地理玄空實驗 (San Yuan Di Li Shi Yan) are two well known Feng Shui text studied by many of today’s Feng Shui practioners & masters. These two classic texts document many undisclosed theories, practical research & analysis of the Yang (living) and Ying (tomb) Feng Shui.

三元地理玄空路透 (San Yuan Di Li Lu Tou) was first published in 1922 and 三元地理玄空實驗 (San Yuan Di Li Shi Yan) followed subsequently. Unfortunately, during the Japanese occupation of China and subsequent communist takeover, all the books were burned and destroyed with the exception of one copy each of the two books survived (safe-kept by Master Tang Yang Wu). To avoid the lost of the great art of Feng Shui, Grand Master Tan Yang Wu passes these two one-and-only copies to Grand Master Sui Beng who later came to Malaya and Singapore and by chance of fate, they were handed down to my Master, Master Francis Leyau (the only surviving direct lineage master from the Tan Sui Beng line).

Till then, the two books were never republished. Undertaking the task of safekeeping the two books, Master Leyau shared the exact same belief as late Master Tan Yang Wu. He doesn’t want this true art of Feng Shui to be lost. In early 1990s, these two original one-and-only copies were sent to Wan Li Bookstore in Singapore. The bookstore owner took the books to Taiwan for republishing. 4 years later after the books were published, the Originals were handed back to Master Leyau to be once again safe-keep.

We hereby thank Grandmaster Francis Leyau for his generosity of spirit in sharing this great art of Feng Shui that was almost lost. If not for the republishing, the true art of San Yuan Xuan Kong Feng Shui of today will never be complete.

The books became one of todays most sought after Feng Shui texts. Many look into unlocking the key behind these two classic manuscripts to level up their skills and knowledge in San Yuan Feng Shui (e.g. Flying Star, Xuan Kong Da Gua etc) and through the years; many claimed that they have grasped the true essence of the texts.

In theory yes, the texts may look simple but not to forget, the Chinese way of writing always hold multiple and hidden meaning typically with the ancient Chinese scripts. The person who understands best the true meaning and principle behind these two Feng Shui manuscripts are probably still the Masters of this lineage.

Courtesy of FengShuiMastery.com

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