Reasons to Learn from CAFS…

I would like to express my grateful gratitude to Master Leyau for his knowledge that he had shared with us – indeed so simple, remarkable patient. Master has many methods in his teaching; complicated subject can be explained in a very simple way. I always used to think that my knowledge in Ba Zi is good enough (I have taken two courses from two different masters, and read many times over few English books in this special subject), but … the very first lesson on the first day, I only realized – all the statistics in Ba Zi have a new interpretations.. I do not remember who, he said :. “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes” Wizard, the magician, who opened our eyes to observe things (which we had already knew) in a new perception. This is a very challenging and interesting movement. I think it is necessary to progress and improve my knowledge. Therefore, I hope Master can find time and opportunity to organize an advanced course in Bazi two years from now, ( he has promised) for our Russian group. I can certainly recommend this course to everyone –suitable for beginners or those who want to improve their “Bazi” to the next level

Grigoryants Svetlana


I’d like to express my appreciation to Grandmaster Francis Leyau for selflessly sharing of his knowledge and decades of experience on the topic, and to Master Dennis Lai, who facilitated the course and provided valuable guidance along the way.

The CAFS/CFM Xuan Kong Flying Star course has undoubtedly the most comprehensive syllabus that I have ever seen. The delivery of the course was so precise, concise, and best of all, made so easy to understand that in just 4 days, all doubts were clarified and all confusion dissolved. Everything just made perfect sense.

Then comes the Advanced Xuan Kong Flying Star Course that completely blew my mind away! The highly advanced concepts that had so many seasoned practitioners befuddled were laid out and explained in no less clarity than basic and simple theories.The course certainly delivered what it had promised, i.e. a complete understanding of the Xuan Kong Flying Star system of Feng Shui and taking my skills to an unprecedented level of competency!

Sincerely yours, Ken Tan


Basic Flying Star —————– This is a required foundation course for picking up Tan Yang Wu school’s Flying Star Feng Shui which is slightly different from other schools of Feng Shui.  Grandmaster Leyau’s profound knowledge and experience in Flying Star Feng Shui is revealed in the course as his fast and comprehensive in-depth coverage of the subject really enlightened us.

Advanced Flying Star ——————– The “Harvard of Feng Shui”. The case study approach to Flying Star is unbeatable.  This is a without doubt a required course for anyone seriously considering entering the trade part time or full time.

Fabian Eng


I believe there are many learners, including myself has attended many different Chinese metaphysics classes, but still don’t have the full confident or knowledge to practice effectively. I feel that the most important aspect when we attend any class, is to be able to practice effectively on what we have learned at the end of the lesson. After attended both San Yuan Xuan Kong flying Star Mastery and the Advance course, I’m able to apply what I was taught in class with great confidence, when I perform the Feng Shui Audits. I would like to say a big thank you to Shi Fu Francis Leyau for his wonderful teaching. He has certainly made me understand Flying Star Feng Shui with greater depth, and guided me to the correct learning track. Thank you Shi Fu

Marcel Lim

Either you don’t learn and if you must learn, learn from only the Best!. Feng Shui can make and break one’s life, please don’t mess with it because you may be messing with someone’s life.!


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