Tea Talk: Grandmaster Francis Leyau…his beginnings..

Here my friend Master Brandon Chua of Pure Feng Shui permits me to share this article which in my opinion that I should share with my readers who is Master Leyau, his lineage and master, Ven. Master Xu Ming a.k.a Sui Beng.

Real Feng Shui does not put things, figurines, write talisman or changes his teaching syllabus every 2-3 years!. Halo! this is an ancient art, not some pre new school teachings!

Good Feng Shui and a Good Heart can bring many many good things to life, not just our life but people who can benefit from us. Isn’t this the greater meaning of life when we can also touch the lives of the less fortunate? I cannot stress enough the importance of acquiring the right skills and knowledge in feng shui as feng shui can make and break life too…

To my readers, beware of bogus people who promise you instant heaven because real feng shui will take some time for the universe to conspire & accumulate to make it happen for you and good feng shui last year after year and not just months. When it happens you know it is SWEET!

Indeed Malaysia is blessed to have great Feng Shui Masters…Read on…



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