CAFS into China…

Hey…another great event coming and this time, Master Francis Leyau will be leading a delegation to the Yi Jing Conference in China and then followed by a Feng Shui tour to many cities to learn about the history of feng shui, actual sites where great feng shui legends once sat foot, landforms surrounding famous tombs.

One of the may sites that I look forward to is the Wudang mountain where the legend Zhang San Feng, the man who create Taiji Chuan, was once residing. What makes this temple produce so many martial talents…Let’s go and find out!

Without a doubt, this will be again another eye opening and fun learning experience.

Follow this link for the complete itineary…and register before 1st Feb and enjoy early bird rates…

For registration, email:

Find me in FaceBook….

p/s: The most beautiful time in China is actually in April where the temperature is balanced and it is Spring! The best tea leaves are harvested during this period as well!

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