Determinants of Life – Human Factor (人)

Often I am asked during destiny consultation questions like “is it true that human factor 33.3%?” or  “can human really change their destiny?”

Chinese metaphysics study has always been centered on the concept of Trinity of Heaven, Earth, Man part. While some authors conveniently chop them into 3 equal parts, I think they have sort of misinformed the public the concept of Heaven, Earth and Man.


Heaven here can mean many things and one of it can be thought of as Heavenly gift. It’s like you have a special talent. In the context of a nation, we can think of it as if the country is free from natural disasters or not, perhaps endowed with bountiful of natural resources such as oil, tin, forestry, fertile land and such.


Earth can be said to be the environment surrounding us. It’s like do you live in Africa or United States or which part of the town do you live. In the context of a nation, we can say is the nation strategically located in the world shipping path or is the country in a location that has certain weather that is very suitable for growing grapes for example.

Man (Human)

Man is the person that thrives. Like you and I. The people factor. You make think of it collectively as human culture or leadership or vision of a leader.

Just today, we hear about the demise of legendary leader Mr Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minister of Singapore. He shaped Singapore to what it is today since the day Singapore was ejected out of Malaysia in 1965 after a political fall out.


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The President, The Prisoner

As I read the news article on a local daily on ex President of Taiwan Mr Chen Shui Bian released on medical parole after serving 6 out of the 20 years sentence for graft.  He is 64 this year and for the Chinese solar calendar it is still the year of the Jia Wu.

Chen Shui Bian

So I went on to goggle about him over the internet and I found out actually he has two birth dates. Mr. Chen was born to an impoverished tenant farming family in Guantian Township of Tainan County (now part of Tainan City) on the second day of the ninth lunar month in 1950 (12 Oct) but was not formally issued a birth certificate until February 18, 1951 because of doubts that he would survive.

There has always been a debate if one’s destiny should follow the actual date of birth or the official date of birth. Even in feng shui  has similar questions such as should we us Winter Solstice (Li Dong) to cut off the new year or Li Chun?

The second reason that caught my attention is how would a Bazi for a person who has gone from the highest point to the lowest point in a matter of 10 years. What is the cause of it? Can it be seen from Bazi?

Thus I will attempt to present my views and readers, you make their own conclusion.

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Peach Blossom…The Romance X Factor?

Often in the study of Bazi, one of the area of interest of students is the Peach Blossom Star. Peach Blossom carries many meanings and different schools emphasize different aspects of it. Nonetheless, it usually entails, affinity with people, indication of possible extra marital affairs or attractive person especially to the opposite sex.

The usual 4 Peach Blossom Stars are Zi, Mao, Wu and You. (子,卯,午,酉)

Here is an interesting real life case of two men.

One of the men below has many female friends and is the center of attraction to women where ever he goes while the other is just an ordinary family man. Now, interestingly both were born in the same year and each has 3 peach blossom star in their Bazi and coincidentally both are made of only 2 elements of Zi and Mao.

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Silver Lining for Italy ?

It has been a while I posted something on Bazi. Today I have tried to put by rusted skills back into use. Hope you will enjoy this post.

Matteo Renzi, Italy new Prime Minister, youngest of all Italian Prime Minister only at the age of 39. At the time when the Italian is at historic low, everyone from all walks of life is turning to him for hope to revive ailing economy. Unemployment at this time is high at 12.9%.

Let’s look at his Bazi or Birth Chart. He was born on 11 January 1975 at Wei Hour.


Renzi, A Ding fire day master born in the month of Chou in the year of the Jia Yin,started his political career in 1996 when he joined the Italian People party and in just 3 years he became the Provincial Secretary in 1999. He caught attention when in 2004 when he was elected President of province of Florence.

Just after five years, he was elected Mayor of Florence and now 4+ years apart, he is the 56th Prime Minister of Italy since the unification in 1861.


What makes this guy special from the Bazi point of view?

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Book Review: Money, Power, Fame in Astrology

During the long Chinese New Year Holiday, I chance upon the opportunity to read this book by author Au Yong Chee Tuck. His book was titled Money, Power, Fame in Astrology.

This book is very different from most of the Bazi book that I have read and indeed it was different in many aspects.

AuYongCTHis Bazi book which is the first from author Au Yong, contains 12 chapters and all are based on real life historical people and some of them notably Adolf Hitler, Ian Fleming the few persons that I know.

The thing I like most about this book is in the depth of the research and simplicity in his writting. Simple yet the clarity in deciphering the Bazi and unfolding the events layer by layer. the best part is you don’t have to have in depth bazi knowledge in order to understand his writings!

Another thing I like a lot about this book is the author stimulate and offer his views on the various subjects that no author likes to touch on. I qoute a example of twins, both with same bazi but yet have different outcomes in life. This is the fact of life and yet how do we explain from astrology point of view?

Another commonly asked questions in Bazi circle is Wealth element is supposily represents Wealth and to a man is also the Wife Star but why in the case of Xavier Cugat he has many wifes but no wealth and not even children. How do we see that in a Bazi or our 4 Pillars? Is Bazi developed to explain everything in our life? Read on to find out…

Speaking of Ian Fleming, the creator of James Bond, not until now that I know of Ian’s attra poor achievement in his career & education, lavish spending and women. His bad habits of heaving drinking and smoking finally too a toll on his health and passed away at the age of 56 when his only son was 12.

Overall, I am happy for Au Yong and loved the book as it has given me another perpective in the quest of Bazi mastery.5Star
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